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XCOM 2 News

  • The Fall 2017 update for XCOM 2: War of the Chosen is available now on PC and coming soon for Mac, Linux, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

    This new update institutes multiple bug fixes and optimizations that will facilitate a better overall experience for players. Challenge Mode has been updated to include new stats on the leaderboard, new player-to-player tracked events and retooled notifications.

    Head below for the full list of changes.

    Good luck, Commander. 


    Gameplay – Strategy Layer
    • Beta Strike now is applied to XCOM soldiers if the tutorial is enabled
    • Scientists and engineers can no longer be used while deployed on Covert Actions
    • Fixed base game soldier promotion abilities not being free in the Training Center if a cross-class ability is purchased first
    • Fixed a visual issue with the inventory menu after selecting a Grenadier's utility item or grenade slot in the Hangar
    • Fixed Resistance Order card duplication
    • Fixed a navigation issue caused by empty Resistance Order card slots
    • Tutorial: Players can now re-enter the Research screen if they’ve tried to exit during the tutorial.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented soldiers from being dismissible after completing Lost and Abandoned with the Tutorial enabled
    • Fixed the conventional weapon breakthrough tech causing "+1 Damage" to display on the claymore when viewed in the Armory
    • Soldiers in the Character Pool now generate with a background
    • Scavengers Resistance Order now only applies to resource-based POI rewards
    • Weapon color defaults to 20 now instead of -1 to prevent mismatched color previews
    • Camera outline and poster display update on screen change
    • Fixed an issue with SPARKs getting permanently stuck in a wounded yet "Available" state after going on Chosen Stronghold missions
    • Fixed the Lost World Dark Event to expire correctly
    • Fixed lingering cohesion glow after creating a new bond
    • Fixed an issue where faction soldiers in the Training Center promotion screen would not appear when cycling through soldiers
    • Removed references to Resistance HQ from strategy notifications
    • Removed the ability for soldiers to gain positive traits as part of the AWC post-mission negative trait recovery mechanic
    • Soldiers on Covert Actions no longer drop their equipped items when the player enters the squad select screen
    • Fixed Rescue Soldier missions sometimes appearing with no reward if you fail it the first time
    • Adding additional text to the Reaper's Silent Killer ability description
    • Fixed weapons with mods attached not upgrading to the next tier for soldiers who are deployed on ambush-able Covert Actions

    Gameplay – Tactical Layer
    • Chosen will be activated only if someone on XCOM team has been revealed
    • Fixed a bug where the fog of war fails to update or disappear when the player's Codex creates a clone during a mission
    • Fixed an issue where detection tiles would disappear for faction soldiers after loading a save while in concealment
    • VIPs using hunker down no longer break concealment
    • Berserk Rangers no longer attack squadmates
    • Fixed visualization of Archon patrol pathing
    • Units now take claymore damage when a claymore is detonated underneath them while on a destructible floor during tactical gameplay
    • ADVENT Priests triggering Sustain while standing in the evac zone no longer fails the mission
    • Alien Rulers get a 1.5X HP boost when Beta Strike is enabled
    • Fixed an issue where Purifiers became unresponsive after their clone made from Shadowbind was destroyed
    • Bladestorm and Retribution excludes teammates as valid targets
    • Enemy reinforcement visual indicator no longer disappears
    • Chosen can no longer turn into cocoons from Chryssalid poison
    • Spectres hit with Stasis will no longer prevent shadowbound units from recovering when the Spectre is killed
    • Fixed missing flyover for Lightning Reflexes
    • Gremlins only reveal hidden units after a hack attempt is made
    • Changed Skirmisher Ionic Ripjack stun chance to 25%
    • Darkclaw now gains the effects of equipped ammo
    • Brutal Chosen strength temporarily decreases soldier Will
    • Fixed ambient lighting not being applied in some non-tactical areas
    • Targetable enemy indicator refreshes correctly after navigating tactical menus
    • Fixed an issue where help text and other pop-ups would not trigger during the tutorial
    • Units provided by the Volunteer Army & Double Agent Resistance Orders will no longer count as units lost during a campaign
    • Updated Mimic Beacon behavior for Purifier, Priest, Spectre, and shadowbound units
    • Added AI AoE finder updates to enable AoE attacks on Mimic Beacons
    • Fixed an issue preventing Mimic Beacons from being attacked more than once by purifiers
    • Skulljack now kills units instantly if Beta Strike is enabled
    • Shredded armor no longer reappears after reloading a save
    • Fixed an issue where Skirmishers could use Wrath to move to an area, but not perform a melee attack
    • Fixed infinite visualization hang when X2Action_WaitForAnotherAction fails to receive the event trigger it is registered for
    • Fixed issue with claymores not being immediately targetable by the Reaper
    • Reduced Chosen Hunter pistol range
    • Skulljack no longer prevents a unit from becoming concealed
    • Supply Extraction loot now recovered if XCOM evacs from the mission
    • Fixed a loss of functionality caused by simultaneously entering a rescue circle and triggering a Lost pod during a Rescue Stranded Resistance Agents mission
    • Fixed crash caused by too many Lost on screen at one time
    • Restricting spawns in the corners of some parcels to prevent Chosen from being stuck if they spawn in the corner of a map
    • Slightly reducing the aim of Retaliation civilian militia and Volunteer Army soldiers
    • Shadowbound units don't get abilities granted from Sustaining Spheres.  This matches up with shadowbound units not getting built in Sustain ability from units either
    • Prevent Chosen Kidnap / Extract on special units that come from HQ via Double Agent or Volunteer Army
    • Fix for an indefinite hang when a unit gets the burning status effect when moving for a Skullmine action during tactical gameplay
    • Holy Warrior effects no longer persist after the Priest is removed from the mission
    • Chosen Sarcophagus health displays correctly after loading a save game while the shield is up
    • Bluescreen Rounds no longer affect destructibles
    • Updated Shadowbind to remove the Parthenogenic Poison from the target
    • Decoupled GameStateUnit and asynchronous pawn load requests to prevent hung levels and crashes on level load
    • Fixed crashes related to GetAllViewersOfTarget
    • Fixed crashes related to GetAllVisibleToSource
    • Fixed crashes related to GetAllViewersOfLocation
    • Fixed crashes caused by for large block of LoadMap crashes
    • Fixed GetWorldInfo crashes on RenderThread
    • FixedProtection against IsAudible crashes from effects

    Challenge Mode
    • Added new event notifications:  5 Enemy Kills, Concealment Broken, First Soldier Wounded, Killed a Sectopod or Gatekeeper, Lost a Sectopod or Gatekeeper, and Completed Mission
    • Challenge Mode replay improvements: show the reaper roll, skip challenge points banners, disable mission narratives
    • Added user score and total players to Challenge Mode squad select screen
    • Changed Challenge events to display completion percentages of total players for an event
    • ADVENT soldiers now take an action when their shadowbound clone is killed
    • Enemy units will now move or take actions when the player Shadowbinds another enemy unit in the same pod
    • Challenge Mode replays will now automatically start playing
    • Fixed an issue where Focus drops were not occurring in Challenge mode
    • Additional score break down and stats to leaderboard
    • Consolidated the objective and enemy score decrease messages into one message when appropriate
    • Fixed an issue causing Challenges to auto-complete

    • Modding - Added files to improve compatibility between the game and uncooked content
    • Character Pool now checks base game and expansion directories for available pools
    • Fixed Character Pool lighting when on Stronghold shell screen
    • Fixed a crash with the Character Pool trying to access a version of a unit that no longer exists
    • Added a button to open the local Photobooth directory from the game
    • Class pose filtering is skipped when doing a memorial shot
    • Additional crash and bug fixes
    Do you have questions for the team? Be sure to follow XCOM on Twitter and Like XCOM on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest information on XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. If you’re looking to enlist with the Resistance, join the 2K Forums!

    Oct 19

  • In the XCOM games, you are up against impossible odds. Seemingly insurmountable hordes of alien and ADVENT forces. One thing that the Chosen bring to the fight in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen – a face to face foe. Singular adversaries that are plotting against you, the Chosen even taunt you as you try to stop them. It’s just one of the many ingenious additions to this massive expansion. We asked Lead Producer Griffin Funk what went on behind-the-scenes to make this happen.


    One of the things the Chosen do is give the enemy a “face” beyond the mysterious elders or waves of foes your squads are up against. Was this something recognized early on in the creation of XCOM 2: War of the Chosen? What made you think of going in this direction in the first place?


    Griffin F. There are always two stories happening in XCOM. There’s the narrative of the campaign and then there’s the personal story the player experiences in the game. We always try to advance both of those stories which can be incredibly challenging. They’re opposing ideas, so advancing one can easily take away from the other. The Chosen naturally advance both stories by existing in all parts of the game. They are named characters with personality and ideology that affect the overall story. They also directly interact with the player based on the decisions made. They fight you on the tactical layer and then play the strategy layer alongside you. 


    What were the main objectives for the creation of the Chosen?


    Griffin F. We wanted to give the player an adversary that felt alive. In XCOM 2, the campaign was a race against the Avatar Project clock. Players knew the Elders were in the background and were the ultimate bad guys of the campaign, but they don’t show up until the end. We thought this aspect of the game felt a little cold. We wanted them with you the whole way. The Chosen are looking for you, taunting you, and directly engaging with you. They’re basically playing the game right next to you. As you create upgrades, they’re in their base doing the same. You can check on their progress to see what they’re up to and I like to think they have a little computer where they can see what you’re doing as well.


    Sounds a little creepy when you put it that way. What are some of the challenges that come with naming the enemy and giving it a face?


    Griffin F. Creating a new major adversary that has a specified name, personality, face, voice, etc. that is always the same was risky. Thankfully, War of the Chosen is such a big and dynamic game that it’s not a problem. It also helped that we made aspects of the Chosen procedural like their strengths and weaknesses. This makes fighting them in two different campaigns feel incredibly different. Hell, it makes fighting them on different missions feel different.

    How does this carry over into a game that’s also largely procedural?


    Griffin F. Even though the Chosen each have a distinct personality, they’ll still perform actions that are unique to your playthrough. It’s similar to how the actions taken in a mission create a personal story between the player and their soldiers. When the Hunter hits a soldier with a tranquillizer, which leads to another soldier panicking, which leads to the soldier killing another soldier, and so forth it creates a story about the Hunter unique to that campaign. To the player, that could be the moment that defines the Hunter more so than any of the cinematics.


    What are you basing the Chosen on beyond archetypes?


    Griffin F. Creating the different roles for the Chosen was similar to how we create the classes for XCOM soldiers. We want the individuals to feel powerful, but make up a bigger more fearsome collective that cover manycombat styles. This helps make each Chosen feel unique and fun to play against.


    What was the toughest decision you had to make in regards to the Chosen?


    Griffin F. One of the toughest challenges was the balance and evaluation of the Chosen’s procedural strengths and weaknesses.  Since they were able to have any permutation of these perks, we had to work on balancing them based on pairings. Certain combinations of perks would make a Chosen an unstoppable killing machine. .


    Really? How about an example of how one needed to be altered?


    Griffin F.  When those perks were totally random you could get a Chosen who was both weak against and invulnerable to certain kinds of attacks like explosives, for example.


    Have any funny anecdotes from during the creation or tweaking of the Chosen?


    There was a funny point in development when we had placeholder VO for the Chosen. We always use people around the office willing to record for our early game scratch VO. During development you would be playing and then hear one of our incredibly nice producers, Rosie Kofsky-Schumpert, making fun of you in her most evil voice.


    Besides a Rosie-voiced Chosen, which one has given you the toughest time while playing – and why?


    Griffin F. I always have a small heart attack when the Assassin turns invisible and hides. Losing track of any enemy while in the midst of fighting a bunch of others is always scary.  You also know that when the Assassin hides, she’s going to come at you hard with her katana on the next turn. You either get line of sight back on her to disrupt the attack or start praying to the RNG god.


    Any Easter eggs regarding the Chosen that people should keep an eye out for when playing?


    Griffin F. More to keep an ear out for than an eye.  If you defeat one of the Chosen and gain their weapons, try bringing them in to combat against one of the other Chosen and you might hear them comment about your acquisition of the items or their thoughts about the fall of one of their kin.


    Do you have questions for the team? Be sure to follow XCOM on Twitter and Like XCOM on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest information on XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. If you’re looking to enlist with the Resistance, join the 2K Forums!

    Oct 19

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    If I have been a bit quiet lately it's because I've been doing an e-learning course I'm on the verge of quitting. An employer I'm on a zero hour contract has given me 7 units with 20 questions each and a deadline every week per unit.

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    With so many Star Trek voice actors i'm telling you the universe is a hologram!! It's all a holodeck!
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