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Panzerknacker Jan 28 '17
The man notices the nod from Gangbang and walks over, the shotglas in hand. "Nothing that would fix old Kurt, I'm afraid. You better prepare for a long monologue from either you or him, trust me on that!". A sly smirk follows. "Everybody calls me 'Tools', by the way. What happened out there, everybody looks like a grue bit 'em in the dark? I've been gutting some alien tech deep in the bowels of the Avenger, don't hear a lot down there..."

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VoidTrooper2014 Jan 28 '17
<Tribes... the world has changed. Adapt. Even if humanity survives, things will be a lot different. If they are willing to put their souls on the line, maybe that's not such a bad thing.>

"Hey... dude! Tell me, what's your story?"
Panzerknacker Jan 30 '17
Tools takes the seat opposite of Kurt, looks at Gangbang and grins.
"You got him to talk to you! Now's your chance! And since we're not getting any younger - cheers!", he says, downing the content of the shot glass.

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Gangbang34 Jan 30 '17
- Wha'? I thought he was asking about your story, - Gangbang says, looking at Tools with his face-painted smile.
Panzerknacker Jan 30 '17
"Ah", Tools replies, "Kurt knows what could be called my story. He tends to sit around in the dark corners of the areas we're still clearing out, shuffling through the rubble and looking for good, old times or such". He pauses and takes a look over at Central, who's minding his own business at the bar, then continues to talk. "So, what is your story? And the barkeep takes long today getting us fresh drinks, I say!"
Faleg Jan 30 '17
*Bartender hurries with the drinks* (The host is busy, so I'll hold the barkeep 'till he comes back) 

"Sorry, the squad left to kill that bitch spewing shite about The Good One, I lose meself waiting for them to come back... If they do! The intel arrived suspiciously timely, I say..."
thebritwriter Feb 1 '17

A few days passed quite quickly, the business eaten away the time others had to count it all down, there were missions and even succsess, but most of all more people coming t drink and chat.

In the back "the good one" was cut out as a lonely figure for now he was the only loss, would it stay that way? who knows. The bartender sighed and finished cleaning the glass as the bar opened. It made him wonder what they fought for when even what they drunk had Advent writing labelled on them, would things go back the way before?


Well that broke the bartender's concentration he saw a proud and even smug looking man walk into the bar tossing a coin for his drink.

'I just came back from the battlefield and saved earth's ass again,damm I'm good'

'It was one mission'

'Which is more then that guy over there' The comment was a refrence to the mural of "thegoodone" Bartender wasn't impressed.

'Keep that crap to yourself, I don't want no bar fights here'

'Their be no fighting when am around, now get me my drink. Also we need some strippers, I just saved everyone's ass. Bad enough I had to be handicapped by my teammates at the time!'

'Here' Said the bartender as he slid the drink, with a directed glare.

Panzerknacker Feb 2 '17
Tools sits in a corner place and looks over to the bar, wondering if the actions of the rookie match the mouth.
"Ah", he mutters to himself, "plenty of earth left to be saved while I'm still gutting the alien shit out of the lower levels with a sledge hammer".

Gangbang34 Feb 6 '17
- Ya know, I watched dese 'ere cartoonies last night, and dere was a fella who had things dangled in front 'a 'im! Well, guess what was the matrimonial ceremony back in our tribe? Advent 'ere like: "Breed for us!" and we were like "Okay". Bred like rabbits, we did. And then raped every last one of 'em. Stupid advent.
Faleg Feb 6 '17
((You might want to keep your story more grounded, please))
Gangbang34 Feb 6 '17
- Sorry, mate, I was referring to that digital fella called 'Julius' and recalled events from the Gangbang tribe's tragic past... Ah, the tragedy!
Panzerknacker Feb 6 '17
Tools looks at the barkeeper and raises an eyebrow.
"Sounds like those guys were fun at parties, eh", he says, and takes a sip from his drink.
thebritwriter Feb 7 '17

Bartender simply nodded: I'll admit the attendents here are quite diverse, hmm I heard about that A.I well it's the commander choice but I'll need to be thinking of new iptions (and a bigger door) ifonce of those things chooses to come here in a drink.

Anyway Mr V.Edo you want a refill?

(Sees the V.E snoring away on the bar, little evidence to show it was drinked or at least a sip) I don't know if that guy is throwing away his money being here...

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