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MetalMonkey Jun 3 '16

Probably been requested before , but I would really like to see a mod / DLC that restores the game back to its roots. The New style of game is great although I don't like the feeling of being rushed and I like to enjoy getting things researched and enjoy using the Tech that comes out of it, rather than having to constantly blaze through the game doing what I need to win.

Everything in the game can be moved around to suit the purpose. For example in the original you could buy engineers and scientist. Why not have missions similar to Retaliations where you rescue scientist the more you rescue the more you have - same for engineers. The  black market could be reused as the place you go to buy equipment and mods  . The base graphics could be changed to give you a top down feel , and incorporate some of Xcom EW base structures. Move and shoot needs to be changed . I hate  the fact I can only move twice . NOt sure about how to handle the air combat . And the BAse attack missons need to be more frequent

Just my opinion . I still play the original sometimes wishing the graphics where better

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Commandoid Jun 4 '16
Hi and welcome!

I guess it would be possible to mod the game to look and feel a lot like the old game, but I wonder if something close to the original Time Units (TU) could be implemented. As you already noted, the air combat and base building might be hard to implement unless they had it in the game earlier and disabled those features later in development.

Since you're still playing the original, did you check out openxcom? While not being much better on the gfx, it brings an insane amount of enhancements for the GUI and supports mods :D

- Commandoid
VoidTrooper2014 Jun 6 '16
In that case maybe Goldhawk's Xenonauts will be more up your alley, MetalMonkey.
MetalMonkey Jun 7 '16

HI All ,

I have played Xenonauts and enjoyed it but its just not XCom . OpenXcom is something I have yet to try. I appreciate your suggestions, I just feel that there is an opportunity for modders / Firaxis to develop here. The original game still has legs imo.

Commandoid Jun 7 '16
Well, ever since I got used to XCOM:Apocalypse after initially turning it down because it looked weird, I really loved the choice between TB and RT+Pause. I'm really looking forward for a reboot of that, too, tho Terror from the Deep is by far on top of my wishlist.

Did you play the UFO:Aftermath/Aftershock/Afterlight series? While not exactly pearls of the genre, I really liked the stories and different approaches in each game. You should be able to grab that trilogy cheap on steam :) I especially liked UFO:Afterlight; The story on that one is that while earth is falling to the aliens in Aftermath and the combat continues in Afterlight, some humans on a rather small base on mars are cut off of supply while yet-another-alien-race attacks. It was pretty neat while there was no new XCOM ;)

MetalMonkey Jun 8 '16

I have indeed played UFO Aftermath and AfterShock I did enjoy them never completed Afterlight though. Is it me or does the new SCom / Xcom2 lack a bit of realistic scenarios in terms of Tech. ( Don't get me wrong I understand completely why they made certain Choices) For Example I can research modular weapons but not build them  and I  am unable to equip more than 2 attachments to it. But What's his name in the DLC is rocking up with a standard assault rifle with every attachment under sun. I mean with the deaths the soldiers have had to endure I would be pretty pissed knowing my commander had been hold out on me and kept the good rifle for himself and not allowing it to be mass produced. Its little things that piss me off. I think it would be good for the standard assault rifle to be able to have all the attachments.

Another thing that annoys me is the proving grounds. Unless I missed something big I am unable to tell them what type of ammo I want them to build. I really need bluescreen rounds or dragon rounds - but the proving grounds is a bit pot luck - its crazy

Commandoid Jun 10 '16
Well, I always understood that the "Modular Weapons" research only is the knowledge how the modules the advent weaponry is made of interacts, as without it you can't use any kind of weapon attachment. Kinda like reverse engineering USB hubs and devices so you don't blow the fuse when you plug in stuff blindly ;) The point being that XCOM *can't* mass produce the advent modules for the weapons while being able to get the basic rifles from the black market, to stay lore-compatible.

Yeah, that Proving Ground thing... it would be better if you'd get a random ammo type on first try, e.g. once they tinkered around and made acid ammo, you can specifically pick it to be produced. That'd probably combine the best of both worlds (some randomness in R&D so the outcome is not sure, but once you got it once, you get the blueprint and can 'normally' build it from there on).