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thebritwriter Mar 5 '16
I don't mean in the same sense as Xcom 2 but this was something I observed when on steam playing XCOM Defence game.

I'm actually speed rushing through my first playthrough seeing it plays well with no game crashing etc, past July month I completed the Cydonia or bust project 

(love your very frank tone there research guys!)

Once that happened these events kicked in: 

USA defected to the aliens in August

France followed in September

UK followed in Novemember 

Now this is my first playthrough in a very long time, last time i played I had a download from underdog or something which became obsolete once I had a windows upgrade. 

Why this baffles me is because I know near enough every cheat I can take advantage of;the manufacturing exploit, payment base personell transfer exploit just to speed through with 16 firestorms in the sky eternally and succsefully defeating the terrible inflintration wave the aliens throw at you at later points in the game (one medium, terror ship and one or two battleships) 

Not one has landed when i had hyperwave and firestorms all running by May. And yet once cydonia project is researched the game seemingly makes council members withdraw to the aliens despite my 100% interception rate on any threats before they can land. 

Is this a bug or an actual mechnaisim put into place? And if it has happened to you, has it ever occured after the cydonia research or before?

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