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justinp Feb 24 '16
I just got back from a mission to destroy an advent relay, however I failed the mission because I didn't kill all hostiles in the area.  

I spent a lot of time under concealment setting up my attack right next to the relay, and I ended up evacuating after the relay was destroyed (which triggered 3 groups of hostiles) to avoid any unnecessary damage to the troops.

However, this was considered a mission failure!!  Can this piece of gameplay be fixed?  This is what makes concealment so valuable, not just to gain a first strike advantage but to get close to your objective and pick where the battle will be fought.

In mission types like these I'd argue that mission success should not be contingent on destroying all hostiles, but on completing the objective.  Sorry for the rant, but I was pretty disappointed and I'd really like to see this game mechanic updated in a patch/mod/whatever.

Pounce Feb 25 '16
If this was a Guerrilla Ops, which it sounds like, this does indeed count as a "failure". However!  If you've completed the objective, but evac before all enemies are down, it should still stop the Dark Event.  You just don't get the rewards for completing the mission, since you didn't finish it.

I agree that "Mission Failed" is debatable since you completed some of the objectives, but I guess I can see why it's listed like that.