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Menageryl Feb 13 '16
  Hey y'all!
  I'm a RABID fan of XCOM... Have been since the very initial release of the very first game back in the early nineties. Played damn near every official XCOM game ever released.
  And I loved XCOM: EU and XCOM: EW.
  But here's the thing...
  I initially got EU when it was released on PC via Steam. Started playing it. And life and all the norm largely got in my way! I got perhaps half way through the game ONCE. I kept wanting to get back to it but - for a number of reasons - really struggled to do so. Despite being terribly envious of my best mate who kept feeding me fabulous stories of his escapades in the game on a consistent basis.
  Flash forward a few years, and I'd made no headway really - had never gotten back to the game long enough to have made real progress... STILL hadn't finished the game even once!!! But! I have myself a second-hand iPhone 5 and discover - OMG! - an iOS release of the game?!?!?? The COMPLETE game?!?!???
  I immediately shelled out the cash and made space on my measely 16GB device for it - even though my music listening suffered for it.
  And viola! Suddenly - because of the portable, always-with-me nature of the platform - I'm able to sink in the time I need to get the game DONE! Even if only in bite-size portions, it happens!
  And I STILL carry the game around with me every day now onmy 128GB iPhone 6S. And still play.

  So. While I'm DYING to get and play XCOM2, the sad fact of the matter is I'm likely to end up in the same position again: wanting badly to play but unable to find the opportunities to do so easily and often enough.
  But should an iOS version arrive? PROBLEM SOLVED!!!
  I'm more than willing to wait however long it might take for it to happen. Better to wait and have the experince of the game than not have that exposure at all, right?

  So I was just curious... I know it's unlikely that anyone here has any kind of definitive answer to the question... But I'm looking for someone to tell me it's all going to be okay... That my patience will be rewarded. ;-)
  So. Just looking for input and opinions from the community: How likely do you think it is that we'll eventually get an iOS release of this beauty???

  Thanks to anyone and everyone that weighs in!
  ~Moi (aka Menageryl)
  -Jack of All Trades, Master of Some!-
Jasina Feb 13 '16
Highly doubtful, at least in current state. I'm pretty sure they stated that XCOM2 is going to be PC exclusive, but then again... stranger things have happened. I won't say that it's impossible, just highly unlikely.
VoidTrooper2014 Feb 13 '16
If they do it, I assume it will be a "GOTY" version a year after that one comes out, and it would have stripped assets (lower res, and no workshop, of course).
Menageryl Feb 14 '16
  Thanks for the input guys...

  Of course I realise and agree with the idea that WERE IT TO HAPPEN it would be after all other development would be complete (DLC, any other ports, etc.) and of course quite some time later - that's how it was with EU and EW after all - their iOS versions were released YEARS after the initial PC release.
 And of course some adjustments would be made - asset resolution and the like (though why would you say no workshop???). As long as the CONTENT was / is kept the same - as per previously.

  iOS and the hardware it runs on has also come amlong way meantime, so I do believe it feasible... Hell, if EU / EW run as well as they do on an iPhone 5 - a device half a decade old and with a quarter of the oomph under the hood versus the latest and greatest?
  ... Well let's just say I see the possibilities and am thoroughly impressed by the talents and skills displayed by the developers... And as such am pretty confident in the FEASIBILITY of the project / task! It's really just a concern of motivation, desire, etc.
  Does anyone, for example, have any idea how well the iOS releases of EU and EW did for Firaxis? How successful were they? Because IMNSHO these games are the exemplars with regards to fully-paid-for games and content on the platform - the best examples of mature, significant gaming done right on a mobile platform!

  Anyways... Here's to hoping! I'd like to show off mobile gaming at it's best and the abilities of the platform using XCOM 2 the same way I do so now using the predecessor(s).
  And have fun doing it. And before and after. :-p

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Jlm70 Aug 18 '17
I've already bought all of the PC versions and addons... but I'll not buy the PS4 version: or... ok, I would have bought even the ps4 version, but i'll wait for an iPad one: for more usable in mobility... and XCOM1 was terrific! (Even if now it would need some updates for the latest ios 10.x version).
Pls Firaxis consider an iOS port!