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Commandoid Nov 2 '17
Looking forward to read more of the story! Currently I'm also pretty busy, Legendary WotC sure is no joke... :)
thebritwriter Nov 30 '17
Here are sketches for both 9 and 10

Commandoid Dec 1 '17
yay more comic pages :D
thebritwriter Jan 4 '18
Here' a preview update.

Page 11

Commandoid Jan 8 '18
Looks like more brain-washing, eh, ADVENT-aligning up ahead :)
thebritwriter Jan 9 '18
Brainwashing?! Dear Sir I take what you wrote as a sign of a libel transgression against the fine role ADVENT plays in promoting a stronger and healthier mind for our greater society! 

If anyone is brainwashed it's that Faleg guy who the so-called central has got convinced he's the -saviour- *ahem* "Commander"

There is no brain-washing, now take your obedience pills as you were mandated with.
The Forum post is edited by thebritwriter Jan 9 '18
Commandoid Jan 14 '18
"obedience pills" heheh :D
thebritwriter Jan 29 '18
Nothing too dramatic but here is a preview snippet of page 13.

Commandoid Jan 29 '18
"Those damn eyes!"
thebritwriter Feb 18 '18
Preview of next page, warning Controversial commentary!

thebritwriter Feb 18 '18
Sadly there be a delay of upto several months as I face extensive repairs due to a major leak in the house, not end of the world though so I'll still be around naturally.
thebritwriter Apr 10 '18
Been a while since I updated on sketch material but here is a preview of page 17

Commandoid Apr 20 '18
Ohhh more propaganda? Eh, I mean .. truth? :P
thebritwriter Apr 30 '18
Bit busy, I'll be on the site longer when I get time but here is a sketch for page 19, 18 is being finished off. The character in question was featured at the start of the comic.

thebritwriter May 2 '18
Here is the complete sketch for pg 19, which features a featured character and a new guy based on a NPC from the 2012 game. 

Minor alteration is needed but this for the most part is the final detail. Word of warning though page 20 will be mature warning. 

thebritwriter May 2 '18
In more detail, here is the upcoming character called chris, Chris is a self made name, but he is based on a existing NPC from the first game as mentioned before, feel free to take a guess, reveal will be shown when completed.

thebritwriter May 14 '18

Preview for page 20 of second chapter.

Commandoid May 15 '18
"VZZT"? Let's hope that's only the sound of the door opening...

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