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Commandoid Nov 2 '17
Looking forward to read more of the story! Currently I'm also pretty busy, Legendary WotC sure is no joke... :)
thebritwriter Nov 30 '17
Here are sketches for both 9 and 10

Commandoid Dec 1 '17
yay more comic pages :D
Here' a preview update.

Page 11

Commandoid Jan 8
Looks like more brain-washing, eh, ADVENT-aligning up ahead :)
Brainwashing?! Dear Sir I take what you wrote as a sign of a libel transgression against the fine role ADVENT plays in promoting a stronger and healthier mind for our greater society! 

If anyone is brainwashed it's that Faleg guy who the so-called central has got convinced he's the -saviour- *ahem* "Commander"

There is no brain-washing, now take your obedience pills as you were mandated with.
The Forum post is edited by thebritwriter Jan 9
Commandoid Jan 14
"obedience pills" heheh :D
thebritwriter Jan 29
Nothing too dramatic but here is a preview snippet of page 13.

Commandoid Jan 29
"Those damn eyes!"
thebritwriter Feb 18
Preview of next page, warning Controversial commentary!

thebritwriter Feb 18
Sadly there be a delay of upto several months as I face extensive repairs due to a major leak in the house, not end of the world though so I'll still be around naturally.
thebritwriter Apr 10
Been a while since I updated on sketch material but here is a preview of page 17

Commandoid Apr 20
Ohhh more propaganda? Eh, I mean .. truth? :P
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