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thebritwriter Jun 1 '17
I might put in a forward notice about the setting of this comic, just with a possible expansion and a book coming along the way i should clarify some aspects. 

Oh working on the latest page of the comic and due to changes i might have another artist take over the next chapter because i have been pushed back on schedule quite a bit.

thebritwriter Jun 1 '17

Lot of work at moment but just outlined a sketch for the frame of the fifth page from of the fifth page for the second chapter, it gets darker from here.

Commandoid Jun 2 '17
Looking forward to see more :D
thebritwriter Jun 10 '17
What I can say with disclaimer material is everything i thought up was on September 2015 while it has it's own backstory as to how xcom fell. I don't have anything against how xcom collapsed in the game, though the sources ranging from within 6 weeks, to three months (from archives) to Shen's perspective from the DLC.

However coming from someone such as myself who prepped up and completed iron man on impossible in one and very unforgiving go, I've been reluctant to set a backstory within that time of events. In all honesty, what I will reveal is the campaign lasted a bit longer a bit closer to my attempt on LW with war weariness added. (which was the closest to getting with a scenario of the council pulling out.)

This is because as this was made in September, before the novel was launched, while I can make references to that material majority of the backstory is modeled on a 'what if' situation regarding one of the characters whose action led to consequence and a legacy of that action. As well as taking into account the traitor idea (which we all know later was in fact the council) but in this case there other developments to that.

The extension of the period xcom collapsed more importantly serves to amps up the reputation of the Commander and why the elders opted to do what they did. I don't have a timeline when xcom collapsed but in this case because of one person's actions certain projects were unofficially advanced to unfortunate results. If anything there has been a hint of xcom's advancements from the first chapter.

What has been labelled is labelled down is the ADVENT declaration and ADVENT charter, both a followup of one after the other and occur in 2018. ADVENT was officially established in 2015 though as this is partially more rooted that 2015-18 was a challenging period in getting people to comply with the new regime. While it's not strictly realistic I wanted to show a development of ADVENT'S government and the steps it took to get people into line, because on the face of it the aliens method in getting humanity to surrender was crude, imperialistic and like all imperialistic ventures there's a power vacuum and restructuring. Even ADVENT had to make use of stun lancers in putting down protests. If anything their methods would make a situation escalate further, which is where 2018 plays a role in developing ADVENT'S regime. I'm not going to tear ADVENT'S scheme apart far from it but add further justification to their actions, this is part of the character development with the Speaker. 

Another part of legacy comes from character from one generation experiencing the failure of the one before, so the histories of certain characters won't be the same as characters who backstory has been revealed (or yet to be) given the time this was all written up. I have been flexible in adding references to the DLC's (just about) but there are elements (such as the executioner) that are soley expanded universe material. My previous xcom art has shown secretly shown some hints to the kind of ideas as i was testing the water, though the ending I can guarantee will tie in perfectly to xcom 2 itself.

The comic will also be quite violent and dark, while i have setup a diverse cast, the human cast are as monstrous as the aliens are. This is of course is the bad future. 

Finally I have cut out sketch, a character study for a later scenario, what's happening fully would be too much a reveal but there are characters with issues and their own reveals.

thebritwriter Jun 19 '17

Page 6 frame preview (titled 5a as I added two extra pages into script near last minute), this is part of the flashback, this is going to be more challenging given it's part of a larger setup, also trying to include a cameo I agreed with someone long ago.

Commandoid Jun 19 '17
Cool sketches, as always you deliver :)
thebritwriter Jun 23 '17
The ADVENTGERS side series continue as labylaby gets back with this sketch.

Faleg Jun 24 '17
Secto is back!
Commandoid Jun 24 '17
Faleg, President of the official Secto Fanclub! :D
thebritwriter Jun 26 '17

Just going to update the latest sketch version of page 6 and am looking at about 2 weeks to get it done.

Also to mention there's a cameo of two characters I promised with another artist onlyleigh

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thebritwriter Jul 18 '17

I'm close to finishing off page 6 (there's been a few challenges regarding photoshop) So here's a preview of page 7

(there may be a delay of page 8 as am waiting for a designer to get in touch regarding a design work on clothing. So while I wait I have a image am going to forward featuring the speaker, two actors of a franchise that made some news and a source of 'inspiration')

thebritwriter Jul 22 '17
While am sorting the page out here's an older sketch featuring coded 'the rookie'

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Commandoid Jul 22 '17
Neat :D What are you using for drawing? A Tablet and what software?
thebritwriter Jul 22 '17
I just practice with penice and paper first, then make the transition on a tablet, their easier to use and I did use to use MS pro 3, what I use nowadays i keep tightly lipped (I use to be more open on details till someone breadcrumbed my information and made a clone account and this was long before this username was made. I'm also fortunate there's a studio I can go to that a good friend of mine has to use other software (and am a cheapskate).

Not every picture is a solo effort, the showtrial picture had my friend input given the colouring effects from the interrogation onto the glass didn't create the right effect and his knowledge was more advanced in sorting that out) 
thebritwriter Aug 6 '17

Just to update here's a sketch of a one shot piece, a single frame taken out of a image that delves into early ADVENT when their hiring actors to promote the new cities, popular ones such as the actors of doctor who. Looks pleasant so far doesn't it? (This was something I was hinting at when being 'Dan Texan' on faleg's videos of late)

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thebritwriter Aug 27 '17
Firstly credit goes to Amanda Burn (Manda-of-the-6) who gave her time to do this commission as I wanted to offsource some material making it a bit easier on ym workload. This is a concept art of a element within legacy called ADVENT champions. 

And here is the image their costumes were based on.

There are some several changes, firstly ADVENT champions don blue as opposed to red (given red is the ethereal main colour and is the colour of the ADVENT captain, we can speculate that red is a natural authoritative colour for ADVENT. So while champions are human assistance, they do not have powers to arrest or the level of authority ADVENT peacekeepers have. Also blue is a more approachable colour (and relates to the stun effect which is also blue)

For the sake of their role they are helmetless, their role is to deal with civic matters, and to show the face of compassion. 

They also carry stun related equipment, and safely disable a threat allowing peacekeepers to take away that person. I'll make a point in saying this was in the works before LW2 came out and the idea we had that they (champions0 are armed with stun weapons because they don't affect ADVENT troops. 

Speaking on LW other then what the steward is carrying which is a reference to the 94 game, the officer has a weapon that may be familiar to those of the 2012 game, and the supervisor carries a weapon that was also a stun feature in the first long war.  My approach has been different which is the Aliens won whenever you had base defense. So the emergence of several technologies is not accidental. Which will be explained in due time.

thebritwriter Sep 21 '17
So while working on this, I've been taking further advice regarding ADVENT writing to the point I had to work with someone in getting some ideas, there are several problems with advent WRITING.

1) It has no ground set of rules.

2) there's different variants of the language (with some written similir to lorem ipsum text) 

3) some of it is clearly marked as alien, some being a transition from a human font to more alien. In short there is about three versions of the ADVENT language and for all we know some words can be too similir sounding to cause confusion (ie: rain and rein sound very similir despite meaning two very different things.)

I briefly commented on ADVENT writing some posts ago 
So after some consultation with a friend more skilled in this area gave me this idea to work on:
"take the first letter of the word into advent font and then depends on the word means, if it has anything to do with a person add the advent font for "i" (if the word is directed to the talker) or the advent font for "u" (if the word is directed to others)As for sentences, take the first letter of the first word and then see what the sentence is about. Depends on the meaning, combine the first advent font with another font that would represent that meaning. This sounds complicated but I guess as the advent has an ability of communicating through mind, their language would consist more of symbolic meaning rather than a combination of letters.
The idea of communication through mind is something we brainstormed, would a race that enforce it's authority via psionic (psionic network, chips in troops and of course sectoids) could perhaps extend their influnce within everyday commercial and communication?Verbal communication exists and so far humanity still can speak freely but is obstructed from doing that by information given and physical reminders like ADVENT troops." 
Probarbly looking too much into this but this is the challenge as well as the chips all ADVENT  citizens are given (like tygen) so could there be a sublinimal element of psionic influnce?
Regardless this is the intended script made following this advice and input.

Commandoid Sep 22 '17
Very interesting approach! I wonder why there is no official information about the advent language available :)
thebritwriter Sep 23 '17
I'm not sure, I think part of it comes down to time and talent, as well as incorporating all the text in the game, for example the alien text on the E3 trailer was in a loop and flipped, so creating a full fledged language system does present a number of obstacles as opposed to some lines and useing software that blurs standard english font. 

Had I got the AMA on reddit in time i would had asked that question with the devs.

One thing to note is the last symbol for all except 'charter' is a stick person the idea is that even if you are not fluent in ADVENT some of the writing acts as a visual hint to what the message is about and who for, given ADVENT talks about society, it is also a sworn in oath so the stickperson at the end reinforces a physical reminder that 'you' are now involved in the great project.   

thebritwriter Nov 1 '17

Ok I am a bit behind due to work commitments and some editing, I do have the next page ready but I want to follow it with another page straight after as it doesn't reveal much save dialogue.

So while correcting that I might as well show version 1 of the "interview" event for chapter 3, this version 1 and while it is stated to hold an interview regarding Angela, it has the speaker beneath the ethereal statue with ADVENT symbol beneath him, followed by a ADVENT propaganda reporter. So there is a 'hierarchy' established if you will.

People in the back and lone person in the middle I'll leave for people to guess.

This is version 1 I have manda-of-the-6 working on a second version.

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