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thebritwriter Feb 4 '16

Hello, this was something that started a while back in June, but started working on past few months, I did have some promotional material on display for the comic but put in storage after getting the desired feedback.

I'm now starting, it would be a gradual process two pages a month and might take 2 years or just over to complete. For now I have a sketch on one page and hope to get round to completing the first three soon.

Here's the work at this moment in time.

And I have some xcom art on my deviant profile.

Xcom Deviantart Gallery


  xcomsketch1.jpg (108Kb)
  xcomsketch2.jpg (94Kb)
  xcom2legacy.jpg (73Kb)
Commandoid Feb 4 '16
Cool :D Can't wait to see more!
thebritwriter Feb 24 '16
Ok I'll be useing this thread now to upload sketches, I'm still finishing off the second page but do have the sketch of the upcoming third page also. 

(if there are delays its probably because faleg has got me on of his dammed missions again!

  xcom_alt_add_03_sketch.jpg (94Kb)
thebritwriter Mar 5 '16
Here's a more clean up lineart of the upcoming third page. (just the colouring left) 

Once i have the third page is completed there will be a brief pause as i sketch work for new characters, I need to finalize their apperances.

  xcom_alt_add03_clean.jpg (238Kb)
Commandoid Mar 8 '16
I really love how you bring in the classic Muton :D Keep it coming!
thebritwriter Mar 14 '16
I'm sorting sketch work for new characters within the chapter one of them is called Angela, who shares nearly the same dress code as the speaker. Her role will be introduced in the comic in either page 4-5 but i will give a clue in saying I have drawn this character before and she has been on one of my eariler works except she was younger at the time. 

Not that am showing all character designs for example "exe" I took off as i want to reveal that person later...

  xcom_angela_exe_spokesman_sketch.jpg (54Kb)
thebritwriter Mar 22 '16
Despite my recent stresses I'm still going to carry on with this, hopefully things get better along the way. Anyway here is a draft of page 4 in works.
  xcom_alt_add_04_sketch.jpg (273Kb)
thebritwriter Apr 8 '16
Quik=ck update with the sketch for page 5
thebritwriter Apr 29 '16
A sketch of the coming page and the perspective changes.

thebritwriter May 24 '16
Still working on page 6, but here is the 7th page for you all to have a look, also introduces a new foe. 

Commandoid May 24 '16
As always, I can't wait to see more of the comic. You already managed to make me hate the speaker just by how you drew him. Slick alien scum... ! :D
thebritwriter May 25 '16
The speaker is more straight forward to as he's really no different to those evil corporate suit styled villains from the 80's like Die Hard, Total Recall, Robocop, wall street and lethal weapon. That seem to be a time where a lot of villains were the smart dressed, smug and either spoke for or ran a big company that in reality was rotten to the core, embodying greed etc.

IMO the speaker falls under that genre. There's also what he's disguising and covering up with no remorse or regret. In my eyes he's a psychopath due to how detached he is not just any sense of moral but that his deception alone is callous. But even Asses like him have their own reasoning for what they are...

Note: It is ironic though that there are people who write and draw vipers (snerks, people wanted me to draw some...just why?) as attractive and misunderstood even "humanizing" them, but when it comes to the speaker he's generally ignored or viewed unsympathetically despite being (literally) a "humanized" snake. Snakeism perhaps?

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thebritwriter Jun 13 '16
Page 7 is nearly done, for now here is a sketch of the last page of chapter 1.

thebritwriter Jun 30 '16
This is done by a second artist to help take some work off me, it's a sketch and there are changes to be made but it's realtively accurate for his first attempt. But yes every now and then there is a 'segment' Advent's number 1 cartoon show...

Though the Adventgers appear again in the next chapter and is something I'm covering while doing the current story but this guy is for the third chapter.

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Commandoid Jun 30 '16
Adventgers ASSemble! :P
thebritwriter Jul 8 '16
The artisst in question is this gentleman http://labylaby.deviantart.com/

Of course any xcom work he's doing for me will be on my account as i'm trying to keep source material together. 

Originally the 'Adventgers' was going to be one complete long story but other then time there just not enough to chain bits like these together. The one I'm in chapter 2 will involve 8 pages of someone's customized xcom 2 characters facing JUSTICE! *ahem* before it switches to the story. Some segments will be shorter then others.  

I might give laby the whole of chap 3 to work on, it just depends on how I progress with chap 2, it'll be longer then the first as there will be a lot covered.

Commandoid Jul 8 '16
I'm following your project and await each new page :D When chapters are complete you might want to make a high-res both-sides layout version for print;  I'll put a hardcopy of your work in my XCOM enshrinement :D
thebritwriter Jul 18 '16

Preview to the opening second chapter, am a bit hush on this, only one person knows about the true content about this.

What I can say it does open up with a kid watching that much loved, non controversial and universally praised show within the comic, the...

Commandoid Jul 18 '16
... "Super Marvelous Advengers!"? :D
thebritwriter Aug 18 '16

Currently working on next two pages, of course there will be an alternative 3rd page and other pages for that will be for faleg's LP on a exclusive. 

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