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Chaincraze Apr 29 '18

Well it’s been a while since I had spread my future plan to different places, but I won’t share details on who I am. And I figured I’d tell the good news to real XCOM fanatics! But I’ll tell you this, I’ve been working on the basis of my career as a film director and screenwriter. And my basis for my career?

The original X-COM video game series and a plan for the remakes.

Yes, I have been at work for the movie since August of 2015, and I am seriously obsessed with the game since I first played it. I wanted to make a novel series but I’m no good at past-present-future tense in my writing so I turned to writing simple stuff like a script/screenplay. The storytelling is so simple yet explains the actions the characters do and what is going on around them. Without camera angles in some screenplays, of course. Anyways, I have been continuously at work on the movies for two and a half years and I don’t plan on changing my mind about it. So if you want the full story behind the movie or have any questions about it and/or my future plan for my career as a filmmaker, please feel free to comment or chat me up at any time. I will appreciate any kind of support from this community!

Commandoid Apr 30 '18
Sounds great! You're welcome to throw any details you have at us :)

Chaincraze Apr 30 '18
Quote from Commandoid Sounds great! You're welcome to throw any details you have at us :)

So the thing is, I had to have made a cross between a screenplay, acting directions and scene directing, and a script, dialogue with tones of voice. Since I haven't gone to film school yet, this is the format I’m using due to me having no experience. I have a great imagination but no knowledge of the whole screenplay writing thing. Plus I’m bad at dialogue but I do my best. So along with a dream to be an aircraft pilot I wanted to make a movie out of that game, with its setting and imagery, it was to be a damn good film. So now I've grown stronger with writing. I've gotten better in dialogue but struggle in coming up with long conversations and past-present-future tense situations. I recently got a book on how to make screenplays and fixing to study it carefully. But what I read is that you must have permission before you do an adaptation of anything, unless it's in public domain. I'm currently typing this screenplay/script on Google Docs, well over a hundred pages now. But I had to start over after I read the crap so I'm taking my time this time. With all of this happening in my life right now I am growing stronger every day, while organizing everything that is to happen in the movie. For two and a half years I wanted to make a movie about the original X-COM. The thing is, I have no proof of this. So the major problem is proving this. Though some other people may be making the screenplay for XCOM. If they are, it will be a challenge for me. The future as of now looks bleak.

Speaking of permission do you know anything about the fanmail Firaxis receives? For I have sent a letter to them asking permission if I can make a screenplay and script out of X-COM, and also asked if they are the owners of the game.
thebritwriter May 1 '18
Well first and foremost anything involving the promotion and appeal of a project needs records (or more accurately, documentation) of it's progress, there needs to be some weight to your profile (evidence of published material such as short stories, novels etc) 

Take for example who's doing xcom's official comic, the author is Kevin J Anderson and he is a big name (it's telling Firaxis manage to get someone like him) and has over a 100 works attributed to his name) Likewise it's artist Michael Penick is also talented and has proven work, while the xcom community has people such as myself who are skilled a good majority do not have the extensive evidence to showcase experience working within such an industry. And experince is really the only factor people will take note of. I am quite the innovative person at my workplace but the person who's voice I take note of is the one that has proven excellence of ward quality on their badge, despite having the same job as that person.

Long War team are also famous for showing their experince and documenting it, in the long run they got offers from Firaxis to help the testing of the game not just because they were good but documented their process.

If I be honest Firaxis at most will reply with some encouragement, I do find their team does engage more with the community compared to others and their customer service is all round good, however if you plan on kickstarter or any pay for idea they will tell you to stop which what happened to dragonpunk. Given you sent them a letter (and assuming an email) then leave it as that, if you send more then they'll just ignore, like any company Firaxis has emails to prioritize on.

I suggest you carry on the idea regardless, as long as it's non-profit then there's no harm with making a short fan film, it's possible firaxis are looking at TV rights or maybe a movie rights for xcom but that is something I am wary on given the challenge of transferring that content to TV as well as the production challenges and standing out to every sci-fi before. And if they are then it's people with an established record.

Either way don't overstretch on your project, I support your ideas but you'll need to realistic to what you can achieve and who it'll be for, and that there won't be much money out of it. 

Chaincraze May 2 '18
Would you kindly private message me about this matter? I would really like to talk about this with you.