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thebritwriter Aug 30 '17
I've been given a commission to try and replace the background images (such as the image in the science menu for example)

And change them with characters and background from 2012 remake.

I'm a bit unfamiliar with modding the original game (ironic as it was the first game I became a big fan of) and I'm not too sure where I can find the images in the game files (using steam version)

So I wanted to ask a few things:

  • Is changing the artwork in the game possible to begin with or will it crash?

  • If things like artwork can be changed then what size and type of file should it be made under for it work effectively.

Artwork of the base background is the only thing the commissioner is after to change. Before going any further I wanted to check if ufo defence can be modded that allows background art to begin with.

Commandoid Aug 30 '17
I'm slightly confused which game you want to mod and what files you want to use, so please correct me if I'm wrong: You want to mod XCOM:UD to use background images featuring XCOM (2012) graphics.

Well, I'd say OpenXCOM is where you want to go! It's very mod-friendly and probably your best chance to get new graphics into the OG. If you have not tried OpenXCOM yet, you should give it a shot.
thebritwriter Aug 31 '17

Yup that's the one, I have seen openxcom here and there but never tried it myself. I certinely ask my questions there.

Is openxcom on our links section also?

Commandoid Aug 31 '17
I thought so, but it's not currently linked, I'll add the link soon :)