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thebritwriter Jun 9 '17

Figure I should make this one given I had one about the U.S

Today I woke upto the surprise of a Hung Parliament, and there are mainly two things to know about this.

1) This was a snap election given at the time the conservatives (or tories) had a majority and with brexit vote done, came the idea to hold a new election to try and strengthen the conservatives hand in pushing for a "hard brexit" given other political parties weren't doing well according to surveys.

2) Since the result conservatives are the largest party still but reduced to the point that they don't have the majority to form a government effectively it's a hung parliament. It means now that Britain's original aim for a hard brexit eill likely change because of how the conservatives may have to gain support from other smaller parties to get any laws passed.

It is an embarrassment for Theresa May as she has come out of it weaker when the intention was to come out with a stronger majority.

Still does have anyone have any personal thoughts to this?

My own is that this will not change the mishandling over the brexit process, I accept it will happen but I can see this getting stretched on for a lot longer then it should.

Faleg Jun 9 '17
It's really hard for me to form an opinion on the matter, from where I sit it looks like UK is doing a random jig dance.
Commandoid Jun 9 '17
Well, that observation appears valid for most european countries at the moment. The austrian coalition also collapsed and we'll have to vote again soon -_-

thebritwriter Jun 10 '17

Going have to agree on both, in our case May's gamble would had worked had she actually engaged with the public and not have pre-arranged photoshoots with selected people who won't question her, or even show up in televised debates.

While I don't want to sound political bias it would had been better she fell by her sword then make a coalition with a minority group (DUP) who have controversial views to say the least. In short the conservative party has allied with a extremist minority which is to be finalised by the same day when brexit negotiations continue.  Not too swayed with confidence right now.

Faleg Jun 10 '17
And Poland is split right down the middle, you can see exactly where the old occupational border between Austro-Hungarian Empire and Russia went just by looking at election results. Not even any particular election, just have people vote on their favourite colour and you'll see where the border was.

With the current govt. being basically catholic extremists who only got voted in with help from ultra-christian old lady mafia, and societal bottom who was promised free money things are unlikely to get better in the future - as long as the other half of the country is busy arguing. 

Fun times!