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Launcher Apr 22 '17
It's amusing watching sequel talks online.   The question is how bad some ideas are combined with if Disney will make another.. you made over a billion on it, make 5 more at least on a business side.

First area is bringing back dead characters for a prequel to a prequel.  Or some how get incinerated people to come back? Good luck putting that toothpaste back in the tube. There dead no point in bringing back destroying credibility.

Second, they dropped a half dozen Easter eggs for a series, rattling off a list of top secret empire secret projects. A movie a piece, have dark soldiers, shock troopers, elite troopers, stealing tech, sabatoging, spying, assassinating.

Third it's a special forces group, losses will happen.. or total loses, the unit lives on despite losses, hole New cast, just as many equaly challenging missions.

Focus a few movies between episode 4-5 than a truck load between 5-6. From base evacuations, establishing hoth, and keep the space battles up.