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samuraipoet Apr 15 '17
Howdy. Uh... the "general" forum seemed like the place for this sort of thing.

Just wanted to say hi. I'm new. Found this place by googling for XCOM communities. I started youtubing about a month ago, and I'm primarily using XCOM2 as a story/writing prompt generator. My character pool is full of friends, co-workers, family, etc. I started with the idea that I was going to eventually write some short fiction to go with each episode, and I'm still gonna do that, but I've been finding that each video takes longer than the last one, lol. If you watch them in order, you can see the production and editing get slightly better each time... Anyway, I'm having fun. Hopefully I'm not the only one :-)

I've thrown all my videos on my XCOMfanatics profile, if you'd like to have a go at them. Like it says on my channel, "Thanks for watching. Like, comment, subscribe... or just do whatever comes natural. All forms of positive  engagement and interaction are permitted, including but not limited to constructive criticism, ironic or congratulatory commentary, short-hand meme-speak, digital high-fivery,  etc."

Commandoid Apr 16 '17

Thanks for sharing your content with us :) I'll make sure to check your vids as soon as I can muster the time.