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SK0RPI0N Feb 18 '17


Just sorry for my English. Would like to offer a story for a X COM 

Galaxy. The point is, the story that humanity won the war against the alien invasion and extraterrestrial advanced race has sent its delegates to the Earth headed for space forces in the galaxy keeping peace and order.You have to make calls about the attack on a different world with its unique architecture and landscapes, races. Receive calls for help during the attack on various space stations and ships of various races and life forms. To develop the technology from the result of entering the Union of different races, with their technologies,the study tree may be huge. To accept not only people, but also a friendly race,to fight the warlike races. To create both in space and on planets its base. To use the advanced fighting in space using various space ships fighters, interceptors, attack planes and other types of ships. To engage in the carriage of goods from planet to planet to repel the attack of these goods to develop the industry of the planet, technology, defense bases and in the cosmos and on the earth, destroy the alien base in space and on the captured planets. My imagination painted the game that I am dreaming. In the project you can add with each patch new races and star systems with planets, respectively can be changed and the system of research and production of various things. Thank you for reading my wish for the production team, which in my opinion is the best.

Commandoid Feb 18 '17
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thebritwriter Mar 1 '17
Exapnding xcom as a franchise would be a challenge given Xcom was initaly a black ops responce to an alien invasion (same with 94) then it evolved as a underground planetry resistance, one thing consistent is that Xcom is a responce to a threat. 

The next issue with xcom as it stands is 1 and 2 features the same commander and will probarbly do so for the third. 

I think any game like a spinoff will be entirely new with it's depiction of xcom and setting. I can be ok with what sounds like a 4x game idea but the goals and motivations will change, would xcom who have a history of killing aliens start accepting allies? Chances are if xcom existed as a goverment in the future it would be considerably xenophobic. 

It would need to stand out, i play 4x games, a lot Galatic civilizations, space empires, civilization, etc. It's a cramped market so i think what would need to be different would be how xcom be played out, a campaign where it is seen from an antagonistic perspective. 

It's possible but i don't think run of the mill features should apply to xcom, it's origins will make up it's future and xcom is far from alien friendly.

Launcher May 10 '17
It's not a normal war... it's a war of eugenics to the end.  Humans don't have space ships or the ability to travel the galaxy in a meaningful way. The aliens would obliterate the planet from orbit, if they couldn't experiment.

Realistically the aliens enslaved or exterminated any potential allies. Any ally would be dark ages or less? Not totaly useless, some kind of ranger or assassin to sneak around and classes like that.