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Mobius5trip Jan 15 '16
Hi guys!

So if my avatar picture wasn't a big enough give-away, I'm a big fan of the old games. I was thinking the other day, as good as the new games are, are still elements from the older games that could be bought over to the modern games that would improve them?

What do you think?

I've got two of the top of my head that I can think of.

Firstly, the multiple bases was a good mechanic. Not only did it allow to set up dedicated bases (research, manufacturing, listening posts, etc.) but it also helped to give the impression you were fighting a world-wide invasion instead of individual missions with one squad of troopers.

Secondly, free aim! Honestly, some of best memories of the old games are when I was allowed to shoot whatever I wanted and the bullets could overshoot hit other things. Firing blindly into a window where there was movement, throwing incendiary grenades into wheat fields, the risk and tension of aiming at an alien standing next to a civilian because if you missed you knew it would hit the civve! Seriously, free aiming was the freaking best.

I think bringing these elements forward would be a good move. Thoughts? 

Commandoid Jan 15 '16
Yeah, there sure were some great moments with some of the older mechanics; But I doubt most of the players today could work with that :/

I'm sure you already know about it, but if that's not the case, check out the openxcom.com project - it's the old games recoded with a lot of nice convenience functions added (like scroll wheel support, better shotcam, mod support etc). If I'm correctly informed, XCOM:UD and XCOM:TFTD are fully playable while XCOM:APOC is worked on currently.

Oh, and welcome to the resistance :D

brutalbarbarian Jan 15 '16
It has been tried in xenonauts. The reception was there was mostly positive, and they're working on a sequel last I heard. So yea, it still works, people still like it, but that game never really hit mainstream like the Firaxes Xcom did. 

Perhaps that's to do with them being an indie studio, perhaps the mechanics was simply too much for most people.

Mobius5trip Jan 15 '16

Oh, and welcome to the resistance :D

Great to be here. Hmm, didn't know about openxcom, thanks for the heads up. Like brutalbarbarian mentioned, I'd mostly been getting up on Xenonauts.

Commandoid Jan 15 '16
Hehe - yes, that's what I meant, brutalbarbarian: The younger audience probably doesn't have the patience for games that are very close to the original. In fact, since I get old already, I have a hard time playing "slow" turn based games already. One of the main reasons why XCOM:Apoc became my favourite back then was the "real-time" combat that shortened the mission time from 2 hours to 10 minutes :) It's all a time issue, back than I had two months of school summer break to waste - growing up sucks, even I try to avoid it since a few decades :P

@Mobius: I'm looking forward to hear how you like the OpenXCOM games! I've not tried them myself so far, but I watched the "Features" video on youtube.
TheRookie Jan 19 '16
Depending on proximity, a civ/troop near an enemy who your aiming at should be hit as well if you miss the target. Not ALWAYS but there should be as much chance hitting a friendly as well as missing if their close to each other. What i liked/hated was the consequence of missing which sometimes ends up hitting the person you were trying to save.

I would have it as a optional feature mind you.

Mobius5trip Jan 20 '16
Yeah TheRookie, it was a certain extra bit of consideration. I definitely hear what you're saying about it being optional though, maybe something similar to a second wave option would be best?

I mean, having to waste a grenade every time you wanted to destroy some cover when you're running around with plasma weapons always seemed a little odd to me 

Postlarval Jan 21 '16
I really miss night missions from terror from the deep.

They were so scary, if you had not enough flares... I used to take icendiary nades and ammo to create big fire and burn aliens :)

I hated titanic missions so much, when last enemy was hiding at the kitchen storage...

Commandoid Jan 21 '16
The day/night missions are working pretty good in XCOM2. In night missions you see a lot less and lighting up stuff helps to get some light :)

It's not as bad as in deep sea / dark night missions in the OGs, but still pretty well done :)
Mobius5trip Jan 21 '16
Plus, they seem to have invented torches instead of your soldiers just kinda being glow-in-the-dark, which is also an improvement in my eyes, haha.
Launcher Oct 6 '16
The inventory would be nice to have, something like pick up dropped items, things like use 2 light plasma rifles at once.

Multiple and bigger sky rangers. Instead of having 3 destinations, and you pick one, you can pick 2-8 of them. Requiring a sky ranger and soldiers to fight the battle. Where you can stack the battles, so let's say you deploy 6 sky rangers out of 8 attacks. You fight them all in order of arrival to the combat zone, and fight each battle, or you can automate some.