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Launcher Jan 29 '17
The sectoids abduct 80 humans.

The humans are being stored in stasis pods, when the ship is baked by a solar flare, killing the sectoid crew, there are 80 humans aboard a freighter, and 2 small scouts as gaurds, which are severely damaged by the storm.

10 are xcom soldiers, 10 engineers, 10 scientists, and 50 generic workers, which can be upgraded, but needed for gathering materials, increasing your population, and building.

The goal is to return home, requiring you to fight your way back.

You will be sneaking around, trying to build or loot ufos, in order to fight your way back, to save earth.

In space combat you have a few options, you have obliterate a craft, and salvage wreckage, or you disable a ship and board the enemy UFO, and attack with your soldiers.

You would have the weapons of the dead crew to start.

You would desperately want more freighters, for growing food, storage, housing people, and converting one in to an air craft carrier.

The engineers would convert ships, build machines, repair ships, build ships, build equipment.

The scientist would work on navigation, mastering alien tech allowing for construction, resource identification, gathering information, designing equipment, weapons and ships.

Soldiers have a few tasks, you have them as pilots, guarding alien prisoners, repelling borders, along with offensive abilities.

General population, a 20% increase in population a year. So if you have 50, you have 60 in a year.

It had a reverse battle star Galactica feel to it. An interesting and fun concept to play with.
Commandoid Jan 29 '17
There were some more XCOM games planned back then, one of them was XCOM: Alliance, which was about a group of XCOM operatives lost in space :) Furhter there's been XCOM: Genesis and XCOM: Colonization, unfortunately there's not much known about those, except that Genesis was meant to be a real-time strategy game and Colonization would focus on the Elder (Ethereal) backstory, so it would've been a prequel.

Faleg Jan 29 '17
UFO series had some nice touches in similar vein at some point I reckon.
Launcher Jan 29 '17
Well one nice aspect of a game like this is you have limited people, you can't use suicide troops for an extended period of time.

You can pull your fleet over and mine for a few Years. Can harvest comets and asteroids for basic metals. In this time you can make missiles, lasers, and refit hulls, when he UFO lands it's easier to refit, when on a m class planet can be done extremely fast. Landing also makes you vulnerable.

Sure are games with pieces of this idea, however you may find a muton, or sectoid colony to deal with, or avoid.

It's an idea with potential
Commandoid Jan 29 '17
Launcher, have you ever tried the UFO Series (Aftermath, Aftershock, Afterlight) that Faleg mentioned? They're not that bad and especially UFO:Aftershock has some of those ideas in use, e.g. you only have very limited people and have to stay alive, and those people also can do multiple jobs (soldier, engineer, scientist,...). I think you can get them pretty cheap on steam when they're on sale next time :)
Launcher Feb 13 '17
Yeah but way outdated... making a in depth xcom game would be a nice change.