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Launcher Jan 16 '17
A serious legitimate opening is occurring in the realm of syfy.

Star Trek is in borderline chaos, it has boycotts by it's own fans. It's Axanar issues how they are dealing with it is ripping the community apart. 

Star Wars has strength, however it shares Star Trek's issues.   The content is majority recycled from ships, characters, planets, it's all reused cashing in on past glory.

Than you have the syfy network... moving on...

Where xcom can come in, is expand upon the aliens, developed the planets, ships tech. How this ties in is let's say 200 Years in the future, xcom starts exploring space. The xcom organization becomes a fleet, which guards the solar system, and deploys sky rangers from orbit. Have asteroid, moon, colonies, along with earth and Mars.

Have player submitted solar systems, which go in great detail about the species, from technology, philosophy, stories, tactics, architecture. The idea being you get people involved in the process.   This allows for more content at a higher pace. One issue with star trek and star Wars you get a movie every few years.  How ever other media is lacking, especially new content, new characters, species, planets, it's block buster movie or bust, and from them movies sell merchandise. 

The approach let's you cherry pick, content you want to use.   But can generate hundreds of systems extremely easily. One aspect is people have different interests and experiences, which lead to the creation of unique aliens. When a handful of people make all the aliens and planets, you get a blending together effect, where the aliens have common characteristics. For example star trek, they add spots, neck or nose make up or bumps, and most the species are just humans with slight differences, they always are the same height about. The differences are minor, they always have nice clean city's, almost never is the government corrupt, and governing body have a leader and law making body. Which not all aliens would use that model.

Xcom is established, it would make sense to expand it by all means. A movie would be possible, even if start with cartoons, and scale up. The games wouldn't be stand alone anymore, but have other forms of media supporting them.   Xcom will have more games made, that's a given, more content can only help.
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Faleg Jan 18 '17
So basically you mean a giant "make your won adventure" series?
Launcher Jan 19 '17
Yep using xcom as the early history, from that expand out the franchise, flesh out details further. 

Basically games are the same, defend earth. Or other planets...

Also add in stories which lead to movies and shows and beyond.
Launcher Jan 19 '17
Imagine a role reversal in a set of missions, to combat a plague you go planet to planet abducting primitive aliens. For research purposes to find cures and those things.

Travel time should take a while to go planet to planet, and before.any planet or moon is colonised xcom needs to check it out and set up a base, along with check the local systems out. For example the planet you pick May remind you of starship troopers, where billions of car size aliens run around killing everything. So May nuke that planet into an ice age to prevent that threat from being weaponized... for example the sectoids capture a dozen, sneak them on Mars, and your outer city's start disappearing, with a lot of missing persons reports.

All alien contacts would not be hostile, with varying tech levels, for example you may find a planet in the knight ages, where they are friendly to you. While it seems like why bother, and fly along, you may be able to make a base in system or on the planet, able to trade for food and other supplies. Also if teaching them, may be possible to build an army of aliens, as infantry. Than one day the government changes, maybe for he good or worse, but changes relations up.

Xcom would continue on, just a larger scale defending worlds, not only earth. And even some good and neutral aliens.

Xcom has a cycle that needs to be broken, same games are made, calms down a while, more games, calms again. With a huge galaxy you switch the front or time... for example let's say the sectoids are on the eastern front. Have games and stories about this war. Than this area rests a while, than the muton become an issue on the southern front.
VoidTrooper2014 Jan 19 '17
I'd love an XCOM TV series, but I don't see it coming :(. It's kind of between Independence Day 1/2 and V thematically, and the latter didn't fare so well the second time around, iirc. Doing a really good sci/fi action series is difficult - the Strike Back series did pretty well, but add the cost of alien stuff to it, and it's difficult to get financed. I doubt it would get the Game of Thrones treatment ;-).

I actually believe we'll get the ID3 - bring the fight to the aliens - movie first.

Commandoid Jan 20 '17
Guess the closest we get in "mankind has a resistance war against alien overlords" is 'Falling Skies' with Noah Wyle.
Launcher Jan 21 '17
That's why they need more alien types. V was 1 alien species only, which may work on the 70's but now, you really do need more than 1 alien.

Making more aliens allows different xcom abilities.   Imagine a total alien swap out, or neutral aliens. 

For example imagine a trading species comes to earth, sells interceptors and weapons, in exchange you give them 20 troops, and PSI tech. Open relations with them aliens, like selling wrecked ufos to them.

You have devious aliens they give you gifts, which backfire on you.

The point is not aliens will kick in the front door to take over. Others won't see earth as worth the time.

Introducing a few species at a time is a good start, opens up possibilities and something new to the game.
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Launcher Jan 22 '17
Xcom has 6-10 aliens races already. 

The sectoids have a home planet. The ethereal, the muton, a planet with cybernetic creatures. Can go back in older games, have the lizard species.   The species home gets worked on, you see there home planet, architecture, and flesh out way more detail. Get into the past, ship designs, technology, philosophy.

What happens is more games open up. You could have a civilizations style game, sectoids, humans, muton add in a few more species and have a galactic domination mode. Conveniently Gracia already makes that, swap out empires for species, have the engine already built, the experience, mostly just graphics work.

Once you have a galactic conquest game, you toss in more species, you get some animated series bringing in new species. It isn't strictly human exploration, the sectoids May find a New species. And might make a game where sectoids defend there planet.
Commandoid Jan 22 '17
That actually sounds like an idea that might work as a mod for Stellaris...
Launcher Jan 23 '17
It would also work in a red alert 3 format.   Where skirmish battles are a big part. 
Launcher Jan 27 '17
The plan to kick start the galaxy.....

Step 1

Make an xcom civilizations game.

-have the species with a home world. Develope these species home worlds, and all aspects of these species.

Step 2 

Add species and worlds.

For use in an expansion pack for xcom civilizations.

Step 3 

Work on and flesh out Hero's and villains. Each species would have both with in them.

Making a combination of a mortal kombat type game, or an RPG that follows a hero or 2.

Step 4

Make a new xcom game, encorperating in the new information, where Hero's and villains enter the game on all sides. 

For example you have a interceptor pilot with PSI abilities, they fly up and get the lower level pilots to crash there ufo. They also are a great pilot, capable of dodging fire.

Another example you have a heavy infantry trooper. They are more a villain, they knock out enemy aliens with brute force. They take hostages, they shoot hostages.  They command the 51st heavy attack squad. They are a squad which you deploy, but don't command. When you have an example 3 simotanious attacks on the map, you can engage in a battle, and deploy the 51st squadron to fight another battle, or deploy them alongside your forces in a major battle. One area is this trooper will take aliens home make torture videos, and send them to the aliens, as a means to insight fear, an example is against the sectoids, may achieve results, against mutons will insight faster paced wars.

Step 5

Make a animated TV show, where you have 5-15 minute online videos. With it building until you get into movies and beyond.

Why??? Xcom can be so much more, than what it is, it's a game with thousands of unnamed Hero's fighting to save the planet. Stories add to a game, it fleshes out why things are as they are. It gives a face to the games. This process has already begun, the scientists are named, and information about them has helped add to the story.

The proposed outline is low budget, you start off using the civilizations game engine and input xcom data in to it. Much of xcom data is already created, making it a simple process. Than quick small videogames, about hero duels, possibly a facebook game. The idea is use it as a way to expand the universe, and to sell games, think of it as advertising, expanding exposure and knowledge of the game to the general public. You add in books, the books become commissioned and used to expand the galaxy, the good ones have potential to become more.