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Launcher Oct 12 '16
So the game takes place 200 years in the future, and leads to a drone war, which are constructed of 4 block types, in the game carriers that float above ground, which upgrade unending, which builds it's own attack aircraft, it makes them 1 squadron at a time. Each squadron starts at level 1 and must be built up, through combat kills.

The economy is the heart of the game,  you build mines, and structures, which you make landing pads, to transfer up supplies, or build massive elevators, to offload directly onto the carrier.

The carriers upgrade, and for example if a carrier has 4 landing pads, and basically super small, that would have 4 fighters it could make, so it has a squadron, not at full strength. But operational because, it's at the max capacity of the ship.   So let's say the squadron kills 4 enemy fighters over time, let's say for example it was used as an escort carrier, guarding another carrier, shooting down enemy bombers or economic ships as an example. So the carrier recieves 4 kills, and can than upgrade the carrier, for example perhaps it allows for a below deck missile battery in the carrier, or making it a 6 landing pad carrier. Requiring resources to upgrade the carrier.

The game is a massive map like xcom, the world is cut into pieces, and form into battle sectors you fight over.

Using Minecraft I created some mock ups of carriers.

Picture 1 is a unfinished super carrier capable of carrying over 500 aircraft and 48 economic transports.

Picture 2 is economic transports off loading onto the ship.
  IMAG1226.jpg (1026Kb)
  IMAG1229.jpg (1005Kb)
Launcher Oct 12 '16
So when a ship dies, it dies, if a squadron is wiped out, the squadron is dead. 

What would be nice is upgrades could go to mk 2 and beyond, so an example is let's say you have 9 weapons per fighter, 8 engines, 30 metal blocks, what could happen is you can get mk 2 items, an example is let's say 1 weapon does 5 damage, the mk 2 will do 7 damage, and require 2, mk 1 weapons, to make a mk2. Will require 2, mk 2 weapons to make a mk 3 weapon. The same process works on metal, engines, and command blocks. This is meant to be used on higher end ships, no point on upgrading a low end ship with advanced weapons.

Below is a pic on elevators loading a carrier
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Launcher Oct 13 '16
The game modes

It would have a RPG campaign mode, with the story, and you complete mission after mission, until your side wins.

You would have multi-player single map battles, where there is no retreat off the map, each of you get resources to start, and you build up, and try blowing each other up.

Than you have world war mode, with easy, medium, hard and epic mode. Starting conditions are picked, for example starting resources, number of adversaries, you can pick if there are any starting buildings/mines. You pick how many sectors make up the planet. 8/16/32/64 are the options, and the more sectors the harder it is to win.

In a 64 sector map, and let's say you have 8 players total, including yours.   If each of you have 1 starting sector, it will take a long time to win that game. When you take a sector that no one controls, it's a simple process, you take it, requires a building to be made to keep. The risk is, when an enemy attacks that sector, if you moved your fleet on to take more land, the land you took is at risk. The enemy fleet blows up your building, they make a building, and you wasted time and resources for nothing.

One nice aspect is only 1 sector can be at war at a time. However you can travel across unclaimed territory, so it may be possible in a prolonged battle to have 4-8 enemies fighting on the same map. This could be a decisive battle knocking many groups so far down that they can not recover. It's hard to say what is the best course of action, not engaging in the battle, would result in your fleets to be still alive. The bad side you won't have the experience, in carriers or fighters, you will rely upon low end carriers and fighters, to sustain your fleet. Which if the battle has a major winner, your dead... when they have multiple carriers with 100 fighters, that are medium to very advanced, your fleet will be ripped to pieces.  The best approach would be send in your fleet, launch all your fighters in a wave, let them blow stuff up, if they can't win Tue battle retreat the carriers off map, they can upgrade some, make new fighters, in safety, hopefully your attack prolonged that sector war, so you can repair, rearm, upgrade, than go back in again stronger, keep repeating your attack style, hopefully a few fighters survive, which with a few kills hopefully, can upgrade the squadron and carrier. So yes these battles will expend resources, however if you have 5 carriers with 12-20 aircraft, some experienced and upgraded aircraft, that will do far more good than 30 unupgraded carriers. When your advanced carriers launch missile strikes on enemy aircraft and ships, it becomes worth it.

A sectors perimeters would be 10K by 10K blocks. The average carrier should travel 1K blocks a minute, the starting fighters would travel 1.2K blocks a minute, 1 engine per 20 blocks equals 1.2K, so 2 engines per 20 blocks is 1.6K per minute, with a max speed of 1 engine per 5 blocks, at 2K blocks per minute. So one end of the map to another is 5 minutes in your fastest aircraft. And a carrier takes 10 minutes to travel one end to another. Missiles would travel at 2.5K per minute.

Fighters would gain some rank shooting down missiles, shooting down 5 missiles is equal to 1 aircraft. Also losing an aircraft builds towards more metal on that squadrons aircraft. So if you lose 80 aircraft over time and never lost all fighters at once, and start with 13 metal blocks, you would have 33 blocks per fighter possible. Now obviously you can't use 33 , so you start making mk 2 metal blocks, let's say you have 10 mk2 blocks and 13 mk1 blocks. So 70 HP from the mk2 and 65 HP from the mk 1 so 135 HP for that fighter, if the enemy has 20 HP guns it will take 7 hits to shoot down a fighter, a starting fighter has 65 HP, you have 3 additional hits with advanced fighters
Commandoid Oct 13 '16
Have you ever played Starmade? It's like Minecraft in Space with additional faction options, wars, many star systems etc...  I'm pretty sure that you could build a working prototype using Starmade :) IIRC it also has research options and you can create "Blueprints" for Ships so they're always spawned the same and so on.

You can find it on Steam or here: Starmade
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Launcher Oct 15 '16
Ideally the game would stay pretty simple, not so much you design block by block. For now I'm going to stick with Minecraft, ha ha I loathe coding, other wise would make the game. As far as making a mock up of the game, using mine craft works :p

This game has tons of potential, not just as a campaign, or global domination mode, you also have multi player battles. Imagine the fun that would be, you deploy a dozen transport ships, with a squadron of fighters to make a massive missile battery complex in a canyon, and conceal it until enemy ships are in range. Or wait until the enemies primary carrier is in range and fire on it.

What is great is it combines economics and war. Being the best in 1 area, won't mean your the best player in the game. You need to manage your resources, and also fight. 

How I envision the carrier controls to be set up is click and point, when you click on the carrier side bars pop up, to deploy squadrons, turn on automatic fire, to fire upon enemy ships. Also have the option to take direct control of missile and gun batteries, as an example if the enemy has 100 fighters, you have 140, you both throw them at each other, and the fighters are of equal level. In that case if you have 80 missiles on board to fire. The best approach is launch all missiles at the enemy ship. This achieves 2 major things, the enemy fighters will try and shoot them down, making your fighters job easy, or they ignore the missiles, they lose there carrier, your carrier than retreats, while your aircraft slaughter there remaining aircraft. Hopefully you had transports resupllying you with missiles, which would allow you to shoot down fighters lowering your losses.

The other side bar aspect is upgrades, firstly any aircraft or the ship that can be upgraded appears at top the menu. Which means they killed enough to warrant upgrades. It gives a list of materials needed for the upgrade, and you can wait until you get to a min or factory, or stop where you are, and fly in transports to bring in the upgrade materials. Or have another carrier or ship off load the materials, depending on the ship size, may be possible. Once a ships exoskeleton is completed it can move again at reduced speeds, until the upgrades are finished.

At the start of the game you get to pick the colors of your metal blocks, and command block colors.
Launcher Oct 26 '16
Mini wars would be a major aspect of the game, where you have 5 starting carriers, against 5 starting carriers, and what happens is the fighters beat each other up, they retreat the fighters, and either leave the map, or rebuild the squadrons. 

Now more enemies will send in fleets,  and if your not careful you lose your fleet.

You have the main ship of the fleet, or a supply carrier, which will build aircraft for other carriers in its own fleet.

You would be allowed to have 1 free fleet you start with, than 1 fleet per controlled sector. The problem occurs when you have territory and a lack of fleets. When you lose territory and the fleet from that territory lives, it will live on... it will simply eat up your resources from other sectors, but does put you in a good position to take other sectors, able to attack with multiple fleets. In time a fleet should be able to grow beyond 5 carriers, most likely every thousand kill points can add another carrier, meaning 5000 missiles shot down, 1,000 aircraft shot down, a carrier is worth 1 point per landing pad, so a 300 landing pad carrier is worth 300 points.

The escort carriers would be good for shooting down missile attacks. They are not the kind of ship that charges enemy fleets... they will die quickly, and brutally against any decent adversary.

The Upgrade Process

What happens is you accumulate points from killing enemies. Than you receive options on how to upgrade the ship. 

Upgrading the cargo hold, it is the lowest part of the ship, allowing for more cargo to be stored, and a major part of upgrading process, also important for the ship to function properly. The cargo holds missiles, parts for repairs, upgrade parts, pieces used to build replacement fighters and to upgrade fighters.

1 kill allows the carrier to become 1 block longer, or wider, or taller. At first the cost seems very high, once the ship gets to a decent size, 1 upgrade will add dozens to hundreds of more cargo. So a few kills making the cargo hold longer, end up with 6 landing pads. If you kill a dozen or so more fighters, than that ships can go to 8 fighters, another dozen than at 10 fighters, and at that point it starts breaking out of being an escort carrier. The fighters most likely will be advanced, it becomes a major ship when around 2 dozen kills you make the ship wider, make the bridge in the center with a missile battery. The ship at that point can become a decent lead carrier for a fleet. Capable of making aircraft, and carrying supplies. When you than get let say a massive enemy attack, and the ship scores around a hundred kills over a long protracted battle. When that ship gets off the front line, it can add a another deck, so what would happen is you have a runway down the middle, and 5 fighter bays per side, so the total aircraft on that carrier is 20-23. Depends if your building aircraft on that ship, or if you have economic transports on your ship, which takes away from aircraft. Making a carrier longer costs more now, you need to upgrade the lower hangar bay now as well as the flight deck and cargo bay.

What essentially this means is the larger the carrier the longer it needs to stay out, and the longer it can stay out. Just like xcom in many respects, if you have a rookie, there ability is limited, if they are a major, you have more options and tricks at your disposal, for example 2 rockets to clear out multiple enemies at once, where a rookie has a grenade and a gun. 

How that example applies to this game, is an escort carrier is like a rookie, it has 4 fighters... which isn't hat effective. The major would be equivalent to 100 fighters, 50 missile tubes, and 8 economic transports on a carrier. The ship would be powerful enough to shoot down that carrier with missiles, without launching a fighter.

Economic ships can upgrade into major freighters, the down side is they can't land in your cargo hold, the plus side is they can become a major resupply ship in your fleet. The bad side they are a massive target, destroying one results in hundreds of lost resources, and get in the way and require guards in battle, which can cause you to lose a battle or 2.

You can drop down mines almost anywhere, when in battle you can/should make mines on battle maps, what you do is make a mine, it takes a while to build and upgrade the mine until it's useable on a decent level , than make elevators up to your ships, or have your ships dock with the mine, so you can build and upgrade during the battle.
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