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Alandauron Oct 10 '16
Hello Commanders!

I recently received an invite to share my mod idea on this site and figured I'd go ahead and take the opportunity to do so.  Myself and a friend, AzXeus, have been working together on a pretty ambitious project for XCom: Enemy Unknown.  We have been working on this since about the end of July and have made some pretty decent progress so far.

The overall goal is to open the game up even further to simple modifications so everyone still enjoying the game can make the campaign custom tailored to their desires.  In the process of doing this we also want to add all we can to the game.

We currently have a nexusmods page up with our initial preview version of Ascension for everyone to download and try out:


On the page there is quite a bit more details, but I'll share briefly what we've done so far.  So far we have added a new Mercenary Hire system which includes a new random stat system, a new Mercenary Hire button in the barracks, a new class(Mercenary), and a few new perks to fill out the Mercenary's Perk Tree.  Also we're overhauling the combat system to include weapon stat modification, a new range indicator mod showing if the enemy is within firing range(not all weapons can shoot at sight range now), and once again new perks that affect how combat plays out.

There's quite a bit of changes and I am in the process of recording videos to go over all of them, but I have not had the time to complete them yet.  Check out the mod page for more information and let us know what you think!

Alandauron Oct 23 '16

Not much activity on here so far but wanted to give an update in case anyone is paying attention.

Llamachomp, one of the Firaxis-o-clock streamers, it's going to be playing our mod on November 5th during his 29 hour stream for Extra-Life. We're currently working on some additions to add to the current experience prior to the stream. Just search for his name on twitch if you're interested in watching the changes in action.

In addition we'll be releasing a new version onto nexus on November 5th as well. It will have the additions we've added for Llama's stream and possibly something that isn't included. Good luck commanders!

Commandoid Oct 23 '16
There's plenty of people reading the site daily, but I guess everybody rather posts on facebook for likes :P

Cool @Stream, I'll see if I can check it out!

Alandauron Oct 24 '16

Thanks @commandoid, I was invited here by another member though it seems the main focus of the site is XCom 2 rather than Enemy Within, which is where our focus is on modding.

This seems like a nice looking site and a decent community so I'll keep a look out for anything else interesting but we probably won't be looking into XCom 2 changes for quite awhile.

Thanks for the interest and comment though!

Commandoid Oct 24 '16
Every XCOM is welcome, the old ones, the new ones ... even XCOM:Enforcer! We're always happy about all kinds of projects that have to do with the XCOM Universe are brought to our attention, for all the Commanders that stick to reading only. You can read our mission statement in the FAQ (Top Menu) if you're interested in the thoughts behind the site concept :)

thebritwriter Oct 26 '16
...Must we include THAT game? 

Commandoid is right, we do have a focus on all aspects of xcom, I still play enemy within myself, (notably of a screenshot featuring a large wipeout) but we do try and focus on a community within (no pun intended) given sites like reddit are simply far larger. And like with all things interest in one series can go up and down and reach a point where it's stable. 

Feel free to comment and add on anything and we certainly haven't forgotten about your plans but do keep tabs on (in my case i get some free time but others i am simply far too busy with work and xcom art)

here we cover anythiing, so if you have something in the future just add it.

(Maybe not enforcer though) 

Alandauron Oct 28 '16
thebritwriter, your post makes me want to look into modding Enforcer ;).

My only point was that it seems the main interest of the site is XCom 2, which makes sense being that it's the newer game and the one that is more easily moddable.  I don't hate XCom 2, but have no interest in it the way it is, there's a couple overhauls planned that I'm keeping track of, but am waiting for them to be more complete.

For this reason I can understand skepticism on playing XCom: Ascension before it is "complete" but I make posts anywhere I can in order to try and get people in to test and provide feedback.  It's a huge undertaking, even more-so because of how long it takes to make some very simple code changes.  I will continue to post and I hope the mod/overhaul can help people that enjoy EU more than 2 like me but have just played it to death at this point lol.

Alandauron Oct 28 '16
Some of the new changes you can see by following this link:


It's another reddit post, but it has a link to some more images showing off the changes in the game.  Also we have been discussing with other redditors ideas for perks, feel free to chime in about them or if you have your own suggestions post them up here where they won't get buried as easily.

Alandauron Oct 31 '16
Just another little update on progress


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VoidTrooper2014 Oct 31 '16
Definitely interesting. Keep us posted!
thebritwriter Nov 2 '16
From what i'm reading i think your doing everything right, it does sound a bit cliched but modding is to be in done in babysteps, take strides and you'll be burnt out (tried to mod orignal xcom and space empires v, both left me feeling tired and cursing at the screen.)
Alandauron Nov 3 '16
Quote from thebritwriter From what i'm reading i think your doing everything right, it does sound a bit cliched but modding is to be in done in babysteps, take strides and you'll be burnt out (tried to mod orignal xcom and space empires v, both left me feeling tired and cursing at the screen.)

AzXeus and I are actually feeling that right now. I ended up giving us a deadline because I convinced Llamachomp to stream our mod and AzXeus wanted to add more to the mod before a bigger steamer got their hands on it. The two things combined have us a bit burnt at the moment and we're gonna take a short break and come back to the changes later.

We're finishing what we've been working on for the stream and for the Nov 5 version, but it's gonna be a bit of time before anything else is added. Ascension isn't being abandoned we just don't want it to feel too much like work since we're not getting paid lol.

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Alandauron Nov 6 '16
The first iteration of version 2 is available on nexusmods.com

Class Ascension v2.00

Commandoid Nov 7 '16
Neat features list! Keep us updated on the progress, I might have to blow the dust from my XCOM:EW installation! :D