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Launcher Oct 6 '16
It goes back to xcom classic upgraded, stripping out the RPG aspect of the game.

Multiple bases would be possible, and take a look back at having ground based radar. Have the aliens attack the bases, have base defenses buildable.

Multiple sky rangers, and bigger troop transports. Allow for turn based and real time.

Have a more advanced tech Tree, where ufos can be stolen or built, after a few generations of fighter tech research.   More weapon choices and upgrades.

Troop upgrades, meaning you won't hit caps, so each kill builds stats, and abilities, as opposed to 1 rank, giving bonuses, it's more gradual.

Aliens objectives, they are here to steal bodies to experiment on. So one cool aspect would be let's say a sectoids UFO with 5 members on it are not intercepted, so they abduct 20 people, a sectoid is made from .25 of a human, they grow flesh and parts off them. This allows them to make more invasion forces.

Half goes to making 5 new ufos mimicking there original attack force. The half they keep for themselves, they make the crew to 10, and spend 1 human on each sectoid that abducted the humans.

By encorperating humans into them, they can use bigger weapons, also wear armor, and more PSI abilities. So adding a full human to a sectoids, allows them to do mind fray, allows them to use light armor, light weapons, and a grenade. So next time you see that UFO they may have light sniper rifles. They will have 7 HP, so 5 will be advanced, the other 5 won't, and what happens is the computer will sacrifice minor sectoids, to protect advanced sectoids. And they will not fight to the death, they will retreat off the map, if there UFO is damaged , they will seek to repair it, by having sucesful missions there UFO will be upgraded and bigger, so more resilient.

When advanced ufos crash, they will call in reinforcements they made, the advanced troops will retreat into the UFO to escape, leaving behind the other crew, which than is a more classic battle of fight to the death.

How aliens would work is after a mission, they do repairs than upgrades, than return to fight. Which if they aren't intercepted, or fought on the ground, it can get out of control, and swamped by ufos.
Launcher Oct 6 '16
So the reason for the aliens upgrading is to keep things interesting, and adaptive. The system of rotate in an enemy slightly better, every few battles.

Battles become personal, for example let's say you shoot down a decent UFO, let's say 2 enemy ufos are called in as reinforcements, you have your elite troops go in. When all of the sudden enemy snipers off load on your troops, the others toss in grenades, and mind fray a few troops, and you lose 2 of 6 troops. They then retreat into another UFO, capture some civilians, fly off, you kill the other 10-20 sectoids, And lose 2 more soldiers, they retreat with the last UFO, perhaps get a few civilans. This will infuriate most players, they will be ticked off. They will have more dangerous sectoids, perhaps PSI panic abilities, perhaps instead of 1 HP bonus, maybe it's 2-5 HP added when they use there mind ability to help another sectoid. The others may have rockets or grenade launcher, with medium armor, maybe stealth armor, maybe one gets a sectopod. Basically you get a head ache. That other retreating UFO, it will be more formidable now. They may spawn another sectoid, small ufo, so your going to need to try and defeat a superior enemy, with troops that are worse than your first engagement.

The mutons, would enter the game in month 3 or so, they have there own ufos, and are heavy infantry, which target your bases by ground. 

There would be a limit of 10 ufos per week, so they would be in a line, maximum of 20 or so in total possible. And when that happens, all captured civilians go to the UFO that captured them. Which escalates the upgrades of each individual UFO. 

This means you need dozens of interceptors, and 5-10 sky rangers, with a hundred or more troops. You would have casualties all the time, requiring a hospital and doctors to fix them up. It would be as important as tech, and research

Instead of the officer training center, it requires bigger ships for more troops, instead of one time buys like new guy bonuses, and cut injury times in half.

One nice aspect is people get grouped into squads, if a member is injured or killed, they can take a member from a lesser squad. If the member is injured, the hole squad stands down and recieves training, from PSI, to aiming, to traveling speed. When a base is attacked all available troops defend it. 

You put squads on alert, meaning they go in the sky ranger for immediate deployment. Unused troops will be in training, so just because they are not in battle, doesn't mean they are useless.

PSI should change up significantly, it should not be neither you have it or don't. It should be more of needing to develope the skills, and gain the strength of the PSI ability by use. As opposed to 2-3 sucesful kills or uses of a PSI ability, it would be more like 10-20 for the next upgrade, or use it to upgrade the current ability. So mind fray would start at 1 HP damage, and build up to no end. You could improve damage, range, or success rate.
Launcher Oct 7 '16
Interceptors, ufos and sky rangers

So you start off with 1-8 F22 raptors or, 1-8 pak 50 or, 1-8 Euro fighters, or the Chinese variants. Easy mode is you start with 8, hard would be 1. You pack hunt ufos, as opposed to 1 on 1. So if you have 2 ufos on your continent, deploy all 8 aircraft, 4 per UFO, and if they are small scout UFO's your chances will be decent to catch them, if medium, lower, a huge scout you may not even catch up to it. 

So task 1 is shoot a UFO down, or steal one, but most likely you will need to damage it, making it unflyable. You take engines for example, and rip them apart, making prototype engines, and use them on existing aircraft. Eventually further upgrade the aircraft frame, and start your own design. Upgrading weapons, power sources and all that fun stuff.

Sky rangers would be an experimental special forces aircraft. Than have the orbital ranger, you deploy them into orbit, and they will come down when called upon to fight a battle.you can deploy several with no enemy contacts, and go into waiting mode. You can use them as reinforcements, or quick response units.

Stealing ufos is the big goal, it would be extremely difficult, but very important. What happens is the last few aliens retreat take the UFO and run. If they took captured civilians, they will be back stronger next time.   Basically to take a UFO, rocket the UFO so it can't fly, or snipe the aliens, which can be difficult, when they are hidden in the UFO.
Faleg Oct 8 '16
Total War XCOM... I'd play the hell out of that one :).
Launcher Oct 9 '16
Yep would be awesome :)

One aspect is when a ufos shot down, you would bring in researchers, engineers, scientists, and troops to secure the site, other wise an alien UFO could travel to the crash site salvage pieces of the UFO, and make your enemy stronger. So you would have sky rangers flying things back and forth. You may fly resources to the UFO, to make it operational.

A UFO you assign members, it can attack alien ships in air, and fly down and land, immediately.

Crash sites most of the time should have civilians. Civilians help xcom and aliens, a commodity and currency for both. The xcom rescue people some should become soldiers, some researchers, and others give you money. For the aliens they receive upgrades from captured humans.

Having the sectoids take a mech warrior type feel in advanced levels. The mutons take on a more tank role. Having air attacks in battles would be great, when you call in interceptors to blow up a building, you will make your battle easier, however aliens can also attack by air, and drop reinforcements.  The draw back is let's say you and the aliens have an epic battle, they commit 10 ufos for a battle.  They land one UFO, use 4 for air superiority, than use 5 more for landing troops, by the end of the battle , the death count could be over 100. Each UFO that lands counts as an attack. Flying an air patrol won't count to the total. So in that week the aliens could land 4 more ufos. The reason they will never commit 10 landings in 1 battle is they gain no advantage when it comes to gathering civilians. However if they send in 6 light battle ships than you will face over 100 enemy troops, the reason they would Do this is to wipe out your troops, if the troops they send in are even slightly advanced you will take casualties, possibly losing all your troops in the battle. In that case the aliens take all the civilians left alive, on that map. When aliens aren't confronted all the civilians on the map they take.
Launcher Oct 10 '16
One aspect would be a customized weapon systems. Adopt more borderland style weapons, but more of a builder method, for weapons.

Simply put, you don't need arch throwers, have assault troops with the option to use stun shot for there shot guns. Have a grenade launcher mounted to there shot gun.   Other rounds like incendiary, explosive, armor piercing, and many other types.   

There would be lasers and plasmas, but this gives players a reason to keep traditional weapons.

More weapon choices, meaning each soldier has 3 weapons, and able to change the type of weapons. So a sniper could have the sniper rifle, an assault rifle, and remove the pistol for example.  If you take the heavy infantry, you get the machine gun, the rocket launcher, and a grenade launcher.

More weapons should be added in, the grenade launcher, sub machine guns, more grenade options.

The flaw in everyone using plasmas, while deadly, it's not realistic, tech trees get wider as they grow, and customized to the task they preform. An example is the laser heavy weapon. They would have a super sized cylinder for a big round, and a dozen smaller cylinders, for a Gatling gun. 
Launcher Nov 23 '16
One aspect would be notorious alien commanders. Where for example you get a sniper happy alien commander, and you launch a mission against a small scout, and turns out the sectoids have light sniper rifles, so you enter the map and get shot at leaving your sky ranger. Because they are already in position on over watch. So let's say you have 5 snipers picking off your troops leaving a sky ranger. They have a chance at dropping one or more soldiers. They retreat to there UFO in a fighting retreat, they may kill a few troops, abduct a few humans, and they come back big.

You than get Into a muton commander, where they send in 30 troops, and try swarming you with numbers.
Commandoid Nov 25 '16
Unfortunately I never played a Total War game so far, so I can't really know if a Total War XCOM would work... guess I should use the current Steam autumn sale and get a Total War game :D
Launcher Nov 28 '16
Nah total war is the game name. The game would be more customizeable.
Commandoid Nov 28 '16
Ah... I was under the impression that you meant creating an XCOM game based on the Total War game series mechanics :)