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Launcher Aug 29 '16
I would like to see some new ways of playing the game.

I would like your entire group be soldiers, meaning the researchers, engineers, all of them would be soldiers first, and can advance in research areas. 

So new classes are a must, electronic warfare would be important, including on the battle field. The officer could hack security and street cameras, removing the fog of war in areas.

One other area would be battle field engineers, and pilots. Imagine repairing a small scout ship, flying off with your troops. That group may take a week to repair the scout. That team is unusable until they retrieve the scout, than they can upgrade that ship, so for example they put the squad to 6-8 members, 2 man the ship, but they can attack UFO's and land on areas to. Intact that would be the best way to start a game.

Having troops assembled in teams allows for greater customization. If you own 1 base and 4 UFO's you could have 2 main attack forces, a sniper force, and basic assault reinforcements.

Picking member by member is tedious every mission. If you form up squads they stay together, and the base trains, heals and all sorts of things like replacements.   

So the UFO's would have dozens of options, the ability to cloak, weapons assortments, cargo, armor, speed and other options.

Another issue is set the game where it's a purely snatch and grab operation, selling UFO and alien tech for money. Basically sell the UFO metal and electronics for money. In exchange sell items to military's and corporations. If you sell working tech get way more money. It will effect where you get recruits from, and earth based tech.

The aliens should control the planet, and you work as rebels, but are capable of working solo, without government and corporations support. Also it's about evicting aliens, the games dictated on alien killing and evicting, they will increase there tech and evil plans. You try and mess up there plans, while they hunt you..
Launcher Aug 30 '16
So another idea is stealing a alien supply ship, which would be used as a base, and landing craft. The size of the ship dictates the amount of troops you have as a maximum. So for example the supply ship may house 20 troops, which could be used as a base/aircraft carrier. Or it could be used as a ground attack ship, used to deploy infantry.

UFO's would play a bigger role, you could drop off troops, than fight in the battle with the UFO, of the UFO is damaged or destroyed, your surviving troops are going to have a bad day.

There would be timers, once an enemy spots you, the timer begins, that timer will mean for example from 10-15 turns enemy reinforcements will arrive, in 25-35 turns an enemy landing ship will arrive, or a small armada of small UFO's.

One thing you can do is when an enemy UFO is in bound, you can send up yours to fight it., preferably a sneak attack, using ground fire as well to down it. Allowing you to steal it's advancements and tech. So for example the downed UFO will have 70% of all systems destroyed, however you may get another weapon to mount on your UFO. Than call in your supply ship and take the wreckage, which can make more UFO's or improve what you have.

A ship would have a pilot and weapons officer, and a supply ship for example would have 4 crew. In battles that crew stays inside, if enemies get close to the ship, they move the ship, or use ship weapons to kill the enemy. The retrivival spot can and often will be changed. You would need to move your troops to extraction each battle.

The aliens would have many production sites and bases, and secret research sites. You would want to loot the research sites, however they would be guarded by the best, meaning stealth scout UFO's, 20 base guards, and can call in more reinforcements faster, meaning in 5 turns 2 enemy scouts show up, 1 to land troops the other to shoot down your UFO's. In 15 turns an enemy transport with 20 more troops will be in bound. At 25 turns they send in 5 scout UFO's, at 30 turns another supply ship. They are going to swamp your troops by using numbers. They will keep you busy in the air and the ground.

The aliens would replenish there numbers, but you can weaken them, let's say you attack the same production site 5 times, let's say it builds power sources for ufo's the base has 1 supply ship that transfers them power sources to a major UFO production site. It also has 2 small scout UFO's, one strategy you may use is sneak up try stealing a UFO, when you get it to drop off reinforcements. You have your other UFO attack and kill the other UFO, and you escape, with no intentions of taking on the production site guards, or blowing up the factory. So let's say you attack again 15 minutes later, they will have 1 UFO guarding again, transferred in from some where else, let's say you killed 3 base guard troops. So maybe 1 was transferred back in. Let's say you make a huge battle with 2 scout UFO's and 12 ground troops to blow up the factory. You end up winning, killing everything in 8 turns, no enemy reinforcements make it in, in time. You take what you can and leave. Well the enemy may be in a good position and will rebuild that factory within an hour, if for example you fly off to another continent, and the enemy has no other demands on its resources, it will repair, and start exporting to continents in need, ships and troops. It will also upgrade it's troop types, weaponry base defenses and add more UFO defenders. That however is based upon if they can make UFO's without power sources they can't make new UFO's. You will be able to disrupt the supply chain, so for example if each continent has 2 power source factories and you blew up one. They can preposition ships, for example they may add a supply ship, and 3 more UFO's to the base guard of the last power source factory. Knowing this you attack a weapons factory for UFO's, which would be less guarded now. Than let's say you get some weapons and blow that factory up. Well they will add guards at the remaining weapons factory. These troops come from alien bases, the bases at that point are weekend, if there are 5 bases, they are short 2 supply ships and 6 UFO's. So 2 bases are down a supply ship, the place reinforcements come from, and the place aliens are grown. 

There would be a few types of bases, one would be an airbase for scouts, it would have 15-20 scouts there, with 40 or more base guards. They would have a UFO factory on the base.  

Another base type is the supply ship base, it would have 5-8, and 60-100 base gaurd, it would make troops, and disperse them among the bases and sites they control.

Than the main base, they build supply ships, have 15 scout UFO and 5 supply ships, and they have 20 or more telechanic troops on top of the 60-120 they already have. They have the best troops. Killing this base, will just about liberate the continent. Assuming you take down all the aliens, if you only blow up the base and 80-90% of the ships and troops survive, they will rebuild the base quickly. 

When you attack you need to have an escape plan, otherwise enemy UFO will spot you and shoot you down. The world map is turn based, you will see enemy UFO and bases on the map. The map will be by continent and much larger, you will hide your UFO by landing it. If an enemy UFO is on you and you run, and you land, if it see's you it will call in for reinforcements and land troops, or blow up your UFO...

I think that this system has advantages over the old xcom system, one issues is you have a hundred troops, and use 6 at a time, and most will never use. Have I juries and deaths, but still the amount you use is severely limited. Another issue is the base having fighter interceptors guard it. If that's the case they would send a pack of UFO's and hunt and kill all your air units. Than find and blow up your base. It really wouldn't be a war like the game outlines, they would swarm one continent at a time using over whelming force, kill all your fighters and personel. Taking there UFO integrates air to air and ground combat much more effectively, because they all play roles in both roles of combat. Your UFO can attack ground targets, and your troops can help in the UFO in air battles. Now if you don't land your UFO no way possibly you can gain resources and tech from the battle, will gain experience, along with damage and repair time.
Commandoid Aug 30 '16
Hi and welcome, fellow XCOMFanatic!

I'm currently in a rush but I've read half the ideas you've posted so far and they would sure make for a interesting and very different gaming experience. I wonder how much of it could be built into mods (e.g. Air-game is hardly in XCOM2 at all thus probably harder to implement).

Looking forward to discuss more ideas :D
Launcher Aug 31 '16
Well, the xcom brand is a good solid concept, with developed ideas, technology and a fan base. So it would be harder on the coding end, but you need less work on the concept end. 

One area I was thinking about was how do you make a massive battle. 2 ideas come to mind, you could use a real time command and Conquer style battle with your units.  The other approach is have each base a grid, where you fight in 1 grid at a time, where the base might be 16 grid pieces. You battle in each grid that has enemy troops, for a total victory, an enemy base could for example drop in 3 supply ships of troops, and I stead of blowing up the base, you have 40-60 more enemies preparing to attack you.

You could be attacked by UFO's , they shoot down your ship, than they send in landing ships, and try finishing the job.

You would have a pilot and engineer aboard most ships (a wise idea) the engineer would repair the ship, do research, upgrade and build things.
Launcher Aug 31 '16
One issue with the ground base, was always why didn't the aliens attack it, they attack the base with 5-10 UFO's blow it all up, and send in ground troops to kill the rest. They can easily track the transport ship on its way home, or bait the transport ship into a trap, ending the game for you.

So starting this game idea like mentioned before you get 4 soldiers, a pilot, engineer/researcher, a commander, and a commando.

The commander needs to live, if they die you lose the game, they would be heavy infantry, a ton of armor, and heavy weapons. 

The commando would be a stealthy unit, they sneak up on targets, and ambush them from behind.

Heavy infantry would be the demolition men, they have rockets and heavy weapons, also blow up enemy buildings.

The sniper class would still be it's awesome self.

One difference in upgrades would be there are 17 ranks, like in real life for each class. You can pick the same upgrade a few times, for example heavy infantry can receive more than 1 of each rocket. Obviously they couldn't expand the weapon range 17 times, so that 1 rocket blows up half the map. But you could increase movement, health, will, extra slots.

One nice aspect would be choosing the soldiers path way from the start. For example if you rescue 3 civilians, 1 joins your crew, as a civilian they are a blank slate, you can pick there field. Now if you find soldiers that team up with you, there class is already preset.

You start off in a house, a UFO lands down the street, 4 mutons run down the street, leaving 2 sectoids guarding the UFO. You than launch your mission, take out the section and fly off. Your engineer takes the second guns, and does a little research with them. You than go hunt for more crew, sneaking around trying to get more crew, idealy until you get 8 crew, you try grabbing another UFO, if it gets beat up, you salvage parts and upgrade yours, if it's intact, you off load some troops, and fly off with both. Any person can fly a UFO, non pilots can't engage in air to air combat is all.
Commandoid Sep 1 '16
Some things sound really neat, but other ideas read like it's a totally different game, not just a different XCOM experience. I am all for experiments tho :D

It appears that you have a faible for larger battle scales, especially when it comes to base attack/defense type of missions.

I'm trying to picture the current core mechanics with huge squads, just like in the old game the highest tier transport craft (Avenger type) could carry 26 soldiers (or less soldiers and a bunch of tanks, which would probably be SHIVs nowadays). 26 is a lot to command, even with the new more "swift" action based system (instead of time units) I imagine a base battle to last for ... 15 game hours or so.

The Avenger defense mission in XCOM2 might be the closest that you come to a large scale battle - at least on my first defense I kinda missed the part where I was supposed to go and kill the EMP thingy and went on to kill enemies until I noticed their reinforcements wouldn't run dry. I was lucky that a very fast soldier could dash far enough to have the EMP beacon in sight and that my snipers got a clear LOS, but by that time I had quite a bunch of XCOM operatives (and enemies) on the field already and a single turn would take up to 20 minutes.

Launcher Sep 1 '16
In a real time game, the turns would be removed, you would have a timer on instead of a turn count for reinforcements. Battles would unfold much quicker, and in large scale battles troops would be in squads. 

Another aspect is you could have your UFO fly in and pick up it's squads and leave.

With a supply ship, you could get tanks and other craft, which you need to retrieve before you leave the battle. It would make the game less RPG, and far more strategy based, you would pick the targets, pick the research, with the over all goal of total victory. PSI attacks and defense means less when your supply ship, armed with plasma turrets blows the PSI alien up, out of there PSI range.

So a tank or hover tank would require a pilot, good idea to have an engineer, and a officer on board the tank. You could have many tank versions, with different weapon load outs possible.

The challenge to the game is to keep your fleet safe and on the move. Not giving your enemy a chance to attack you, you could win the battles and lose the war if you don't.

One fun thing that could be added in is you will see human militaries. Some may fight for the aliens, others will neither help or hurt you, some will have defectors join you.
Commandoid Sep 1 '16
I kinda don't see XCOM with RTS... have you ever played XCOM: Apocalypse? You could pick to play turn based or in real-time (with different speeds + pause option) and it also had the squads style you mentioned above. You could field 6 squads with 6 soldiers each. Since time is valuable, I really started to like Apoc because the missions wouldn't take hours to complete but 15 minutes.

Mid-Late game however became rather awkward: Each operative got 2 Disruptors (one in each hand), armor and a med-kit, with the notable exception for PSI Ops who carried a PSI Amp in one hand and thus only one Disruptor in the other.

I created a "Schützenkette" (guess the english term would be 'firing line', but not sure), basically a straight line of 36 Operatives with roughly 60 weapons, with the map corner in their back, all facing where I expected enemies from. And whatever showed up was instantly sprayed with so much disruptor fire that survival was statistically very unlikely.

What I'm trying to say is that XCOM lives a lot from the turn based approach when it comes to tactical depth, and I don't think it would scale well when it gets to larger battles than what we've seen in the OG XCOM:EU/TFTD or Apocalypse.

That, and real-time takes a LOT of tactical depth: This can be observed very good by the example of the UFO:Aftermath/Aftershock/Afterlight series. Good games, I liked them even tho they've been buggy, but the real-time combat pretty much reduced the tactical game until it was barely existent. Mid-Late game in the UFO:AM/AS/AL series became the same as XCOM:Apoc - put your troops into a superior position, have them on "overwatch" with raw firepower, and spray everything until it stops moving (and then some!).

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to make your ideas look bad, I just want to give examples of where I think it did not turn out so great and that there'd be a lot of tuning required to make "large scale battles" work in the XCOM Universe at all :)

Your ideas about the air-game on the other hand - I can not really tell if they'd work or not. Here we have the old game, where the "air game" or "aqua game", respectively, was pretty much reduced to 2-3 fighter craft with 2-3 weapon tiers. The only real thing that took me way too long to figure out was that you could actually have several fighter craft attack the same UFO/USO at the same time ;) Now, in XCOM:Apoc that's slightly different - lots more weapons and equipment and types of vehicles, but overall it also was "throw 25 missile launching hover bikes at them".

The air game in XCOM:EU/EW was pretty neat but also very limited, and from what I've heard people didn't like it too much. IIRC some mods were created where pilots could also level up, but I don't know details about it. In XCOM2, the air game is pretty much not existing, the only UFOs you get to attack are either shot down as a random event or landed.

I'm not sure if we have good examples for extended air game ... there are some more XCOM/UFO games out that I haven't played. Any ideas?

Launcher Sep 1 '16
The problem is turn based games are a thing of the past. Most younger players give up on, the risk xcom plays is the command and conquer franchise faced. What they did is they had a core game concept, and they changed the story some, changed avatars, updated the graphics, but it was the same thing they kept repackaging, slapped on a new title same could be said of the Builders gate, ice wind dale type games, where a new game, was the same thing repackaged.

It is a step away from the current xcom games, however look at star wars, they have games of all types. They tie into books, movies, increasing the fan base, but the games are different, covering air battles, light saber games, battle front style games, rpgs, mmos they cover most of the game types, it brings in more fans, more fan creations, and interest, growing the brand. 

Why I suggest an xcom game more towards strategy, is there is a huge hole that isn't filled. Most games are first person shooters, xcom has the potential to take a massive chunk out of a weak area in gaming development.

Air combat in xcom would be great, you have ground units firing at you, when your to low, have them circle an area and defend it, when not giving them commands, or land it for repairs.

You would have small, medium and large UFO's, the small would be the fast interceptor, medium scout would be your heavy air superiority fighter, and large scout more of a bomber role. Capable of launching air to ground attacks on a bigger scale. 

Ground fighting would be more close in, if for example your enemy is within 5 tiles, a UFO attack could kill your own troops, if far away they are sitting ducks if they are not in cover.

Pilots skill Tree would have dodge, aiming, repairing time, tracking and many options.

This set up unlike other games gives players the freedom to do many things. An example you could get all small scout UFO's when an enemy is near run. Train up the crews and make commandos. Another approach is have all medium scouts and a supply ship loaded with heavy hover tanks. You by contrast look for fights on the ground and in the air, taking on anything you see. Not even putting full crews on your UFO's just a pilot, commander and engineer. To fight and maintain it, with no intention of ever deploying troops from it.

You could also make an air armada never engaging in ground combat, using a supply ship as an aircraft carrier, only salvaging down UFO's with there crew wiped out by air.

You could establish a land base, where it becomes a tower defense game, where the enemy throws units at you to no end. In between battles on your base, gather the destroyed items and ships and build up.

One aspect game developers universally are bad at, is taking the player into consideration, and the tactics and strategys they prefer to use. Or have enough wiggle room in the game to play the game drastically different.

Like what I mentioned above if you build a base, and the fighting is outside your front door, you move no where, all your units are at the base, all your ships are defending. That is way different than flying around with a pack of UFO's killing everything. It creates many games in 1 game. Where the replay ability of the game is all over the place different. You can dominate with ground or air forces.
Commandoid Sep 1 '16
It's hard to say that turn based games are a thing of the past when especially the XCOM franchise did just prove otherwise the last few years :) I'm not sure why you think TB is something that's about to die out. I just checked on steam and some of the most sold and played games are still turn based (Civ V, Civ VI, XCOM:EW/XCOM2, Heroes of M&M series, The Banner Saga, HoI Series to name a few). Some games work a lot better TB than RT :) Also, lots of gamers that started in the 80's are at that special age now where they are too slow for real time games ;)

However, I'd welcome any additions to the XCOM universe (I even liked Interceptor and Enforcer back in the time), but right now don't see how a RTS or Tower Defense game would fit the universe. The "creates many games in 1 game" part is where most franchises fail, and in a sense the excursion of XCOM to shooters (Enforcer) and 3D space dogfight (Interceptor) was the reason why the franchise was put on hold for so long (More XCOM titles had been announced but where cancelled). You are right that Star Wars managed to get many titles in many genres released, but they have the hundred-fold budget for that franchise, and even then there's quite some SW games that were pretty bad or mediocre but survived because they were Star Wars and fans are very forgiving :) Another example would be the Star Trek franchise, that also had both great and really bad games (STO *cough* *cough*).

The game ideas you describe would sure make a game, maybe even a good one, but a good XCOM? That's a different matter :)

Launcher Sep 1 '16
Well it's a logical step, you have xcom classic, turn-based where you have the bunker base's, you have enemy with in which continues that, you have xcom 2 which is earth lost, and fighting back against the aliens. The game I mentioned is trying to combine both games, so that you could play classical, using a base, or more like xcom 2 and go without the fixed based.

It frees up people to play more the way they like, based off there actions.

If you make a base your playing xcom classic, if you stay Mobil, it's xcom 2.

The difference is greater customization, with the ability for larger scale wars. 

But with this games construction, if they add in an advanced options page, they could limit units per battle, and starting conditions. Not sure if they would have the option for turn-based and real time as an option. Basically making the game in ways you like to play.
Launcher Sep 3 '16
Another aspect would be having each alien type on its own continent, for example the sectoids would have a continent, they would have unique items and specialities, they would have sectoids, have sectoids commanders, sectopods, sector tanks, being the smartest of the aliens, they would rely on engineering skills to over come there physical weaknesses. They would make many mechanical contraptions and vehicles. They would be good at electronic warfare. 

Another continent should be the mutons and obviously they would be a blunt instrument, no cunning, or higher mental powers, they see, they attack and throw everything at it. They aren't technology as advanced as the sectoids. They have aggressive large fighters, in air and on ground. Basically they are the Orcs of the game.

You have the starship troopers type alien (forgot the name) have them as a wandering pack on all continents eating civilians up.

Have the thin men/infilitraitors have a continent, they get closer and closer to mimicking humans. So for example you may need to get within 5-10 tiles to see if there a civilian to rescue or an alien. This is where your commandos and snipers would be most needed.

Ethereal super capital, they get reinforcements from all continents. They would be in constananople Turkey. They would have an army of PSI warriors and tech.

So would need 4 more species. One would be a nice addition is a stealth based reptile race of aliens. They would have stealth tanks, and stealth UFO's.

Obviously a cyborg based alien would work good.

Other ideas would be fun also.
Solusandra Sep 3 '16
" It really wouldn't be a war like the game outlines, they would swarm one continent at a time using over whelming force, kill all your fighters and personel."

According to XCOM2 background this is pretty much what happened.

Coincidentally though, the earlier game XCOM:EU/EW wasn't an invasion, it was an uplift. The aliens are looking for warrior recruits to fight the main boss which is alluded to at the end of both games and so they're testing a variety of races for three qualities, Psionic acuity, Strong malleable physique, and brilliance without notable cowardice or cruelty (why the sectoids fail).

Capturing UFO's would be cool, but it'd have to be on a landed UFO mission and either Psionics or Thin men Interrogations would be alot more important.
Launcher Sep 4 '16
UFO's could be customized, for example the stripped down version would have the most possible crew 8 for example, however when you add in a 2ND reactor, more guns, you may only fit in 4 troops total.

Another aspect would be making it possible to play as an alien species. So you could play as the sectoids, or any other alien species. That would also be a fun aspect.
Launcher Sep 5 '16
With a focus on each alien species as there own force, they can have custom abilities and advantages unique to them. Also bring In more alien types.

The lizard race I mentioned, imagine a reptile based species, capable of climbing on walls, and ceilings, some with stealth ability, to basically go predator on you. The base unit would be a green sectoids style alien, taller and thinner than a sectoids. They armor up and not near a muton, they should have snipers, commandos, stealth UFO's, they should have tanks, capable of stealth, they would cause a ton of concern, if for example a supply ship UFO drops off 8 stealth snipers, and 8 stealth commandos, you will get paranoid, they will sneak up and destroy your UFO's than finish off your troops on the ground. This would be a nice addition to the game, obviously they are a difficult species to wipe out. What would be scary, is when they have reinforcements arrive, and you see nothing, but know that they are there. Did they just get 1 small scout UFO with stealth, or did an army appear.

Each species wreckage would give pieces, so for example a reptiles wreckage wouldn't help you make a sectoids tank. It could help make it be stealth once built. But wouldn't be generic wreckage.

There would be 3 size tanks, small, medium and large, a small tank has a crew of 2, and a main gun. A medium tank would have a primary and 2ND weapon, which could be anti infantry or UFO, for example missiles or laser defense, it would have a crew of 4. The large tank would have a crew of 4 and could deploy 4 more troops, it would have 2 primary weapons, a anti infantry weapon, and anti UFO weapon system. The tanks use a smaller power source, so for example if your UFO crashes, you should be able to make a tank out of it. Even if most to all systems are destroyed. If it's a large UFO, you could make it into smaller ufos, if you can't repair the ship, also can make tanks with the rest. It however takes days to do this. It isn't a quick process to build things, if you add more engineers to the project, it will get done faster.
Launcher Sep 5 '16
Tanks armor could be thicker and thicker, the cost is speed slows down, to make the tank faster you need more reactors, which in the large tank can cost the ability to transport troops. 

If you make an armada of supply ships, you could make specialized ships, for example medic ships, where you take on injured troops troops to heal, also you have a repair ship/construction ship to take care of damage.  Could have troop transports, have some converted to weapons plat forms, can turn one into an air craft carrier, can turn one into a vehicle landing ship.

So what's neat about this is no way possibly will you use all these load outs on your ships. But the dozens of options you can use a ship for, and dozens of customization, every playing type is impossible to replicate, unless you go out of your way in a major way. Meaning if you make an aircraft carrier, you have 4 independent UFOs attached to the carrier, you have 2 pilots, 8 engineers, to maintain the ship and the UFOs, you have 4 medics to heal the wounded, and 6 soldiers to man the ships weapon systems, repel borders.

You take an enemy supply ship, that means it's tailored towards the species who built it. You customize it for carrier use, need to find weapons to mount on it, the components and armor would be very different, from species to species. For example if the primary armor for the ship was from the lizard people, the carrier would be hard to see if not outright able to go invisible. If you get armor from muton ships, it's a thick armor able to take a real beating. If you get sectoids armor off a ship, you will get PSI troops able to do PSI actions much more effective in the ship. For example a PSI troop in a sectoids ship they own, might be able to control an enemy ufos pilot for a few seconds if they get within 100-500 feet of the UFO.
Commandoid Sep 5 '16
That's a lot of ideas, but I don't see how to connect it all into a single game, especially an XCOM game. Most of the things might work for a new or different franchise but having to manage a fleet of XCOM IFOs with a ton of possible equipment combinations etc. makes me want to go back to play Eve Online, not XCOM :) Up to a certain level some ideas might work - in XCOM Apocalypse you had the possibilities to have several different flying and driving vehicles that you could fit with different equipment. That worked because it was a small part of the game with a few possible (useful) outfits for each craft, but not a core mechanic.

Most of those ideas (Tanks, different species playable etc.) rather remind me on Civilization (and IIRC, there is an XCOM Mod for Civ) and would work in a TB grand-strategy game...
Solusandra Sep 5 '16
what about an XCOM mmo? Your 'avatar' would be a squad you outfitted, the server would be the base and it's current level of progress. The Missions would be sort of like team fortress, except with the XCOM maps and the whole MMO aspect of it would be how everyone and their teams are contributing tot he success or failure of the XCOM project. It'd work well with alot of whats being talked about here including the capturing and riding around in UFO's. Raids/instance content could be assaults on landed ships from long war while community events would be Terror missions.
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Launcher Sep 6 '16
The xcom concept is defending earth from aliens, so killing aliens is the master concept, having a big chunk of strategy is the other part, so it's different but it does fit. Obviously it's different. But there is a franchise called port royal, in it you have 4 Nations controlling territory , you have tons of freedom, you can go in pirate mode, can be a pure trader, a privateer, capture towns and make an empire, do missions the RPG aspect. Having open ended games, or games with the ability like mine craft to do many different things is not bad, it might just be the games of the future. If before the game starts set perimeters, than it would work really good.

An mmo with you leading one team would be a lot of fun. In my experience it is fun if the aliens where playable also, because than you have enemies fighting back that are unpredictable. Having alliances, sharing bases and things would be fun, having the aliens attacking them bases, and players setting up alien bases would be fun also.
Launcher Sep 7 '16
Mmos have an issue the problem is the fee/charging aspect, in many mmos what happens is the game launches, and finances go flat, so they introduce events, and these events become money grabs, the issue is you create a monster, what happens is you have payers and non payers, and it makes a God mode if you pay, and a under class with no chance. The longer the game goes on the bigger the separation becomes, however the payers become powerful in and out of game, they dictate in the game, but also if they sit on there wallet, the developers work for them. The game loses all sense of strategy and becomes pay for perks. The current mmos have serious issues funding them. I personally believe they need to do what radio does, and build in advertising, like product placement, so for example if a mmo was xcom, have a battle at a coca cola factory, or at the face book hq, or at a bank, they pay to add the companies business into the game. For example the loading screen may have your soldier in the drop ship eating chips, on there I phone, with a open bottle of Pepsi. Next battle loading screen is you have some snicker bars, with his bud light, as they find the sectoids in a home depot. So it is possible to pass the costs of the game onto companies. And do it in a non annoying or offensive way. And honestly it's more real world conditions to have battles with real companies and settings, adding to the realism. So what happens is the advertisers fully monetize the game, the players have an even playing field. So for example you have fast food chains have battles in there restreraunts, you  have cut scenes with them in the ship eating fast food. Young people are hard for advertisers to find, video games draw them in by the millions. You could make serious money off this. And it's free for players building A huge player base.
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