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thebritwriter Aug 19 '16
Xcom, the series with a character death list that rivals that of games of thrones. (Fear the day Jullian and Geroge RR team up!)

But from the orignal, to Xcom 2 what was your highest casuality list? And which game in the entire series was the one that punished you mistakes more then other.

To be perfectly honest I lost a lot during my first run of the orignal of 94, I with no exaggeration about 70 losses. It was one of those gaming moments that you never forget. 

This...thing was the main contributor to that.

How about anyone else?

Faleg Aug 19 '16
I managed to lose over 200 people in one campaign. Some of them as an example to others, for panicking, you get a gift grenade, but without the pin.
thebritwriter Aug 19 '16

Define "some" in a loss of 200...I get the impression the aliens were really the good guys in your campaigns!

Incidently my least loss was with terror of the deep, other then it was a rehash, I think the extent the game was spread out meant you weren't going to run into groups as much (in my case)

Faleg Aug 19 '16
Umm, I think around 40 soldiers were executed for cowardice. Then maybe another 40 for missing easy shots, then they learned and stopped pissing me off. When aliens are less scary than the commander, war is easy. 
thebritwriter Aug 19 '16

I could accuse you of being a psychopath and breaking every military regulation I can imagine but at the same time I did send you a request to design a character just so they die so yeah I haven't got a moral high ground to stand with this one!

That and I had some troops as designated to die with prime grenades on the countdown as they burst in the death trap entry of a landed small ufo.

I figured fodder was better to serve as expendable then simply fire them.

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Faleg Aug 20 '16
Yeah, when you fire someone you gotta fill the paperwork, way too much of a hassle compared to death paperwork.
Commandoid Aug 20 '16
I'm very sure that I had the most casualties in Terror from the Deep ... Tentaculates is where the Aquanauts die! The very first Enemy Unknown was gentle in comparison, with the typical exception for the old school chryssis that could turn any terror missions to utter horror.

(Source: Here)

Since I'm not very masochistic and also am growing old, I nowadays don't play on the hardest difficulty and with Ironman disabled (Really, I can't have a LOS bug get a Colonel killed).

The approaches on the old games and new games are very different, tho - in the OG new recruits were rather cheap so in early missions you stacked a Skyranger full of 'em with cattle prods and whoever came back alive was lucky. Just exiting the Skyranger at all could get half a squad killed since you came down in their "overwatch/reaction fire".
thebritwriter Aug 22 '16
Interestingly, (based on observations) the first few months are the deadliest for your troops in starting, aliens just sniper you as soon as you get out, overtime this dosen't happen as often, be it change of landscapes have a play in this i don't know. Of course for me casualties dropped drastically when i realised that hey, having a tank in starting line up can actually save me from people having to freak out!
thebritwriter Aug 22 '16
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Commandoid Aug 22 '16
True, having a tank as a bullet sponge saved a lot of rookie XCOM soldiers / Aquanauts :) They weren't even that expensive, but neither were more rookies IIRC ;) I even stopped naming rookies in the old games because the casualty rate was indeed very high in the first few months. Only after they did something remarkable great they get named (or customized, in the new games).