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If it's about XCOM 2 and doesn't fit elsewhere, this is a good bet.
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Commandoid · May 15 '18
In Xcom Legacy (ongoing comic)
Discuss all modding you can do via Steam Workshop.
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Commandoid · Jun 10 '16
In Homage to the Original game ?
Let's Plays/AARs/RPG
You just want that extra immersion? Share or discuss here. If you want to do some high profile project, contact the admins - we can set you up with a group or separate forum space to give you the exposure you deserve! ;-)
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Faleg · Sep 6 '16
In New Long War and XCOM 2 series
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XCOM: EU/EW/Long War
Older XCOM version are still good, and especially the Long War mod may still keep you occupied for a while. Of course we still support that!
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Commandoid · Nov 7 '16
In XCom: Ascension
Classic X-COM
UFO Defense, Terror from the Deep ring a bell? Talk about all those classic X-Com games here.
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Chaincraze · May 2 '18
In X-COM: The Movie
There were a lot of similar turn-based games made over time - from Xenonauts to Jagged Alliance, from Silent Storm to the UFO: Aftermath series.
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Commandoid · Oct 12 '17
In Urban Strife - Post apocalyptic tactical TBS game!
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Brutal Barbarian's Bar Room
Humanity's Finest Project by Brutal Barbarian
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Postlarval · Jan 7 '16
In Humanity's Finest
Faleg's Secret Lair
Whipping the Floor with Aliens...
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Thegoodone555 · Feb 14 '17
In Face Of The Resistance Fanfic/Novelisation
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Other Games
Some of you may play XCOM exclusively... others may not
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Launcher · Oct 26 '16
In A game concept with xcom classic ideas
Off Topic
You want to discuss something that has absolutely nothing to do with the other forums? Then this is the place for it.
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Faleg · Jun 10 '17
In Uk Election 2017