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If you haven’t been formally introduced to this series yet, check out the following trailer:

Campaign Details

  • Starting Aim will be 35-90 (Oh God)
  • Starting HP will be 2-6 (You sure about this?)
  • Starting Will will be 0-60 (Losing control of the situation!)
  • Starting Movement will be 9-17 (Want to see me run to that tree and back?)
  • Starting Defense will always be 0. Because screw defense.
  • Both DLC's will be disabled, because this campaign is about you. Not about that silly French girl who thinks the world should wait on her while she ties her shoelaces.

  • Second Wave Options will include:

  • Gaussian Red Fog, for realism and fun.
  • Hidden Potential, since perhaps that 40 aim rookie will someday get 110 aim (yea right!).
  • Training Roulette. With extra perks! Almost every possible bio perk, and a few Mec perks, will be in the roulette.
  • Hidden Trees. So every rank up will be like Christmas coming early.
  • Friendly Skies. Because I really do not like the Air Game. I doubt you like the air game, and this campaign is NOT about the pilots. It's about you!
  • Perfect Information. Because I like to know what my odds are.
  • Dynamic war with 0.8. Speed up the campaign, and make it rather different from my previous Impossible campaign. As a side consequence, the level ups will happen 'faster', since each soldier will gain more XP per mission.
  • United Humanity. Because not only do exalt and dynamic war mix like oil and water, but this is about defending humanity!

  • Further Details

  • Start in Australia. Because since this is for fun, let's pick the one country closest to where I am! That and let's make the roulette of a stat range not be totally terrible on average.
  • Difficulty will be set on Brutal, because with the wild discrepancy between soldiers as result of the insane stat ranges, and training roulette, the soldiers will be overall unreliable, with a few exceptions here and there. Thus in order to not shoot myself in the foot, I'm taking it down a notch. I've also done my time in the gulag of Ironman Impossible. Cut me some slack.
  • Ironman will of course be enabled. Because who wants to watch a save scummer.
  • NO commander's choice. With such a HUGE range of stats available, it'll be far too overpowered to simply make that 80+ aim rookie a sniper or infantry, if he wanted so badly to be a medic. Consider this a self restriction.
  • Few minor changes to remove literally dead perks, thus letting the roulette govern even more!
  • Rookies are Free. Originally, this was so those who sign up, will get a soldier regardless. This was only true for the original sign-ups prior to the campaign starting. Getting into the roster now is far more tricky due to the large number of sign-ups.
  • Special MEC training roulette. The gist of it is each mec individual will have a random number assigned, which I will use to generate a perk tree for that individual.

  • Mods in Use

  • Gaussian (Suggested 50 penalty, Std 1/8) Red Fog - LeoKian
  • Bugfixes for bonus will and Psi - Oakeman
  • Show Hit and Crit Chance - Oakeman
  • Enhanced Soldier Customization- eclipse666
  • Random Normal Soldiers - eclipse666
  • Alien Sight range - eclipse666
  • Enhanced Tactical Info - eclipse666
  • UFO Interception Tweak - eclipse666
  • Show Soldier Recovery Time - Kvalyr
  • Additional Species (hyperwave) - amaciel81
  • Virtual Reality Training - eclipse666

  • How will this campaign work?

    I will pick the classes as necessary, but when it comes to perks, you as the brave volunteer, may pick your own perks within reason. Yes! You. Not me, You!

    What does within reason mean?

  • Each soldier may ONLY have a max of 1 multie shot perk, with the exception of rapid fire. Reasons for this includes - odd interactions between them, with some being outright broken. Also combined with Hidden trees, makes rather interesting decision making. Exception to this rule is if you somehow get 3 multi-shot perks in a single rank, when you've already got a different multi-shot perk picked.
  • If you get your starting perk in any rank, then you get a free for all, where you may pick any other perk up to this point from any previous rank, not just this rank.
  • I will reserve the right to override any decision if I feel you're trolling me.
  • But Brutal, how is that even possible when it's well known that you record in advance? Well the solution is simple! I will no longer record in advance for this campaign. Instead, you'll be seeing the freshest vid feeds, right off the front lines. After each mission, I will go through your perk options, and await your response.

    Unfortunately this does mean the campaign will not be a daily occurrence like my previous Aliens vs Redditors, but rather the current plan is 3 times a week. Monday, Thursday and Saturday, which for you Americans, that'll be Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

    Changes to Perk Trees

  • Medic will lose both field surgeon and revive. I believe both perks are so insanely worthless, with absolutely no real potential, that I want both gone. In their place will be a random training roulette perk.
  • Every can use a marksman rifle. Reason for this is the training roulette, and that certain perks ONLY work with the marksman and sniper rifle weapons. As a self-imposed restriction, unless you're either a scout or sniper, or have one of these perks, you are not allowed to use the marksman rifle.
  • Shotguns, Battle Rifles, Marksman Rifles and Sniper Rifles are given eWP_Support, thus allowing shredder ammo to work with them. Consequence of this is gunners can use the sniper rifle and shotgun, but that's fine since those 2 weapons cannot suppress.
  • Everyone can carry extra rockets. But should only be allowed to take them if they have the fire rocket perk.

  • What is a double shot perk?

  • Ready for Anything
  • Light 'Em Up
  • Double Tap
  • In The Zone
  • Hit and Run
  • Close Encounters

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