FAQ / Known Issues

XCOMFanatics Mission Statement

Over the last years we noticed a large variety of XCOM fans on different platforms and sites being unaware of very cool projects of other fan groups due to a lack of communication. We want to connect these fans on XCOMFanatics to talk and discuss the game and their projects, be it mods, art, fanfiction, roleplaying, videos or any other content related to the XCOM Universe. With the upcoming XCOM2, it was time for us to upgrade XCOMFanatics to a fresh design and find our niche. We realized how many people are missing out on great content because they simply don't know about it and thus, XCOMFanatics will be about you, Commander: Your experiences, creations and thoughts about XCOM, shared with all brothers in arms.

The FAQ doesn't help me, how can I contact you?

If you need help or want to give us feedback, you can do that directly on the site (e.g. send a PM to Voidtrooper2014 or Panzerknacker) or via e-mail to office@xcomfanatics.com

Trouble registering?

If you experience trouble joining the site, please let us know by sending us an e-mail. If you do not receive your activation e-mail, please check your mailbox. In case you get an error message, please let us know. Due to anti-spam plugins, we might have to whitelist you in case of a false positive.

Where can I configure site mails?

If you do not want to receive update messages from the site by e-mail, you can disable this function by using the top-right menu with your username in it and click on 'My Preferences' in the drop-down list. There you will find a checkbox to enable or disable mail notifications.

Where can I modify my notification settings?

In case you want to configure what types of site notifications you get, use the top-right menu with your username in it and click on 'Mail Notifications' in the drop-down list. You will find several options to enable or disable specific types of notification messages to your liking.

How do I set my privacy settings?

Using the top-right menu with your username in it, you will find the option 'Privacy' in the drop-down list. If you click on it, you will be taken to the page for Privacy Settings, where you can decide what group on the site will see your different types of content.

Pictures I link in Blog entries are huge!

Please do not directly link Pictures into the blog but rather use the "Insert Image" and "Insert Video" buttons of the editor. By doing that, content is scaled to fit the site layout.

How do I embed a youtube video or twitch feed?

Most video content sites provide you with 'embed' links, e.g. when you watch a youtube video, below the actual video you should find a 'Share' button. If you click it, you get options how to share the video. There, you should find a tab called 'embed', and if you select it you will get a link to copy/paste. It works the same for twitch and most other video platforms. Any linked video on the site will automatically be added to the sites youtube gallery, where you also can tag it so users easier find your content.

I can't create a group or start a blog, why?

The rights to create groups and blogs are restricted. If you want to contribute, just drop us a mail or message us on the site (Commandoid or VoidTrooper2014) and we'll see to get you sorted!

Can I get my own forum section and other services on the site for my XCOM-related project?

Just let us know what your plans are and we'll see how we can help you!

Can I link my twitch channel, youtube videos, art, music... ?

If it is XCOM related, we're happy if you do!

I found something inappropriate! What to do?

If you find content that does not belong on the site because it's offensive or against any other site rule, please let us know. Most features on the site have a little control icon that pops up when you hover over the content. It has a 'flag' option that will notify moderators and administrators to check out the flagged content and decide how to proceed.

Known Issues

* If page isn't fully loaded, the site layout appears broken. Please refresh the site in your browser.